Monday, November 5, 2007

Fall Break

Well, surprise, during fall break (a random week in the middle of October that Arizona schools take off) we went to California. By we I mean myself (Darice) and 6 kids. Kobe stayed at Grandma Karla's with me and my own 3 kids. Yes, we all know that it is Grandpa Gary's house too. What can I say, as a kid I was never going to Grandpa's house it was always Grandma's house, am I right or am I right? Chloe and Lauren stayed with Great Grandma and Grandpa Durham. The kids all had a wonderful time! These trips are just as much for me though, I love Arizona and I know it is where I am supposed to be with my family, but even knowing this does not make it easier to be far from my parents and my sisters, I miss them so much! So we drove down on Tuesday, Kobe's birthday, and we were there in time for dinner. Of course we all watched "The Biggest Loser" together, Carson wouldn't miss and neither would I. We spent our days hanging out with Aunt Brook and Aunt Tiffany and that was a lot of fun. I especially liked being able to sneak out and do a little Christmas shopping and get my haircut, thank you Brook and Tiffany for watching my kids while I did that! Aunt Brook also took the boys to the "Discovery Science Center" which they always enjoy, we sure are going to miss the season passes. The kids really loved making cookies with Grandma Karla. Carson and Kobe also got to go to work one day with Grandpa Gary and Uncle Griffin, to play in a tree house and help. When they got home they played Dodge Ball, so much fun! On Friday night I took my kids to Grandma Bosley's, yet again, yes Grandpa Bosley lives there too. Carson and Morgan both loved having piano lessons from Grandma. On Saturday morning Grandpa Gary and Uncle Griffin made us eggs and toast and then we got ready to drive home. It was nice to come home and see our husband and daddy!

Morgan taking a ride in "Crampa's Truck" lucky girl!


Carson said...
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Carson said...

I had lots & lots of fun in California.