Monday, November 5, 2007

Ward Family Camp Out

In the middle of October we had a ward, family camp out the campsite was about 30 miles away. We opted to go over for the night and return home to sleep and go back in the morning. Cambryn had just gotten over her pneumonia and we did not care for a relapse. It was a great time. The ward activities director is the Bishop's wife and she does a great job. She is a really sweet lady who is loving and kind to everybody. She planned simple yummy meals and everyone had plenty to eat. We had a campfire on Friday night and Ryan told a pioneer story that Sis. Miles had asked him to and we sang a few campfire songs, we also enjoyed hearing some hymns played on the harmonica by one of the ward members. Saturday was a lot of chatting and getting to know one another and we also enjoyed the hay ride. As you can see by the last picture the kids were worn out!

A great family shot!

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Carson said...

I sure did like the camp out.