Sunday, December 16, 2007

Another Trip To California

Well so we took another trip to California. I called my mom on Saturday about 12:00 noon and she said how they were all getting together on Sunday for Grandpa Durham's 80th birthday and she wished we were closer so we could come. Well when I got home I told Ryan what she had said, and he said I Don't have to work Monday do you want to go? I said yeah I want to go! So we packed up and left in about and hour and a half. It was so much fun to go spur of the moment. My sister Heather was also there from New York. My children really had fun playing with hers and they got to know each other better. A highlight for me was staying up very late on Saturday night with my sisters (all 4 of them), my mom and dad and Ryan. We talked about everything and definitely laughed a whole bunch. Grandpa's birthday celebration was really wonderful, I am so blessed to have grandparents who are involved in my life. As a child they really created some great memories for me. I love you Grandpa - happy birthday! On Monday before we went home we had breakfast with Grandma and Grandpa Bosley, then went miniature golfing and rode the race cars. The kids really enjoyed that! Hope you enjoy the pictures. We love you all!

Carson in the car.

Morgan in the car.

A lot of cousins: Charles, Carson and Bitty, Dominick and Devon, Colby, Maren, Morgan, Gaven, Rebekah and Eden.

Grandpa Durham, Me and Grandma Durham.

Mom, Me and Grandma Durham

Heather, Brook, Grandma Durham, Vanessa, Me, Cousin Jamie and Mom (we thought to take the picture after Tiffany had left - sorry Tiff).

Carson and cousin Dominick showing off their marble track (made with grandma and grandpa's firewood).

Carson and cousin Dominick.

Grandpa Bosley, Daddy, Carson and Morgan.

Me, Grandma Bosley and Bitty.

Morgan and Daddy on the race cars, inside right.

Carson and Grandpa Bosley on the race cars.


Shelly & Jared said...

How cute are you guys! I'm so gald you found our blog. How the heck have you guys been?

Carson said...

I had lots & lots of fun in California.