Friday, February 22, 2008

Fun at the Air Fair

Last Saturday we went, as a family, to the Buckeye Airport, for the Air Fair. It was very chilly and there was a lot to see and do. It was very different from the last time we were there, when it was quite hot, at night time, we were the only ones there and the only thing to do was wait for my dad and James to come in and land, to pick up Colby. Anyway we had a great time, everything was free and very kid friendly. We are hoping they make this an annual event, because we would definitely go back! Enjoy the pictures!

One of the cool planes that we looked at.

Ryan, Morgan and Cambryn in the Bounce House.

Morgan having a great time while she was jumping.

Cambryn loved bouncing in the Bounce House!

Carson climbing the huge rocket slide- he loved it!

Carson in the Air-evac helicopter. Grandma Karla, click on this picture to see Carson's missing tooth.

Cambryn studying the numbers painted on the ground.


maren bosley said...

So fun!!! Way to go with all the updates--we love it!

Shelly said...

By the way, when I look at your blog, Mikyla loves to come over and see the videos of your kids singing. She thinks that Morgan looks like a "very pretty girl" and she loves the dress.

Carson said...

I had lots of fun at the air fair.