Friday, February 15, 2008

Sedona - A weekend away!

About one month ago, the third week in January, Ryan and I got away for a weekend, without the kids. I got a call from a resort agency asking if Ryan and I would like to take a tour of their property. For coming and listening to the presentation we could stay for two nights at their lodge for only $22.00. We would also receive $100.00 ILX bucks, basically fake money that is accepted by a few local restaurants and even the local gas station, all affiliated with the resort of course. So this of course was a no-brainer for me and I told them, "no we will not be bringing the kids." So I made arrangements for the kids to be watched by members of the ward. Thank you Petersens for watching Carson, Biermans for watching Morgan and Wahls for watching Cambryn. We left Friday evening about 5:00 and from there on enjoyed 5 entirely kid free meals, uninterrupted adult conversation, took in a movie (at the theater) and just loved being together and relaxing. We finally figured out that it had been 3 years since we had been away without the kids. Way too long in my opinion. Here's to hoping it will not be quite so long until the next time.

A view of the beautiful red rock mountains in Sedona.

Ryan and I on a "hike" me being pregnant it was plenty difficult. For him it was definitely more of a leisurely stroll and not long enough if you asked him.


maren bosley said...

I am very envious...especially the quiet meals!

Jon and Heather said...

Kid free meals! Uninterrupted conversations! Beautiful scenery unobsured by poopie diapers, whining, and general non-adult activities! Where do I sign up? Good for you guys! PS--Missed you at my birthday, but I still love you!