Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Spring Break / Family Vacation - Part Three

THURSDAY - This was definitely my favorite day! We got to take my mom out with just our family. Thank you, Aunt Heather for watching Kobe, Chloe and Lauren, while we took mom out!! We took her bowling and then we went out to lunch at Mimi's Cafe, which we all love! Even though Cambryn is not in any of the pictures below she really was with us, she enjoyed running up and down the ramp at the bowling alley! At the restaurant she really enjoyed her ranch dressing, she even ended up eating it with a spoon! After bowling and lunch, we dropped off Ryan and the kids back at the house and he put the girls down for a nap. My mom and I went over to Heather's hotel to pick up Lauren, Kobe and Chloe and we brought Dominick back with us too. It was fun to sit and visit with Heather!! Then I dropped everyone back at my mom's and I went and picked up Tiffany and Rebekah (her daughter) and we went to the mall to get Carson some flip flops since his broke, we also picked up some Paradise Bakery cookies to share with everyone as a treat. Of course we got dad 6 snicker doodles, because a Paradise Bakery Snicker doodle is totally his most favorite treat!! We then stopped and picked up a large supply of eggs and plenty of vinegar for coloring Easter eggs that night.

Grandma Karla, displaying nice form!

Ryan, honestly could I be any luckier? Great looks AND great bowling skills! Love you Babe!!

Me, I even managed a fairly decent score despite my handicap of a large belly!

Carson, looking really good out there!

Morgan, how cute is she?, she could not get enough of bowling!

After dinner everyone colored Easter eggs, we were only missing James, Jack and Vanessa. We had tons of eggs and the kids had a great time!

FRIDAY - It all started with bagels. Those of you who know me know I love my bagels, especially the ones from Bagel Me in Tustin. I had 2 cheese everything bagels. They were sooo good!
Ryan then took Carson and Morgan to ride the ponies at Irvine Park. I stayed home to watch the cousins while my mom got her hair cut. When Ryan and the kids got there they found that only the really small ponies give rides on the week days. This meant that Carson was not able to go. He did have a lot of fun leading Morgan on her pony though. Morgan of course loved it, every picture of her on the pony is so precious.
In the afternoon we went to The Discovery Science Center. It has a lot of hands on Science type activities. It is so fun. My mom, Heather and Jack, Brook, Ryan and I and the kids - Lauren, Kobe, Chloe, Carson, Morgan, Cambryn, Dominick, Eden, Devon, Colby and Gaven all went together, and we had a blast! To see the pictures from this day check out the 2 following slide shows.


The Greathouse Family said...

Hi! I love all of the pictures! You and your sisters are so lucky to have that family time. It's rare and special that a family stays intact these days. It's nice to see a family how it's meant to be. With all of the trials and differences, you all really love eachother and it shows!

Jon and Heather said...

I love reading your blog! Your pics are great. Boy, how jealous am I that you got Bagel Morning!! Just like the good ol' days, eh? We'll have to plan our own version of bagel morning sometime soon.

Shelly said...

Sounds like great fun! And I do remember those bagel runs in Tustin. Thanks for the reminder of good times.

Shelly said...

Sounds like great fun! And I do remember those bagel runs in Tustin. Thanks for the reminder of good times.

Carson said...

I had lots & lots of fun in California.