Sunday, June 8, 2008

Carson in Salt Lake

Back in April, Carson and I (Ryan), went to Utah to visit his great grandparents, his cousins, and see the church sites of Utah. We left at 3:30 am to catch a flight. It was Carson's first flight that he could remember. When we got there, we went to Salt Lake City to see Temple Square. We took a few tours a few times each. Carson loved them so much he wanted to go back for more. He enjoyed watching the movie of Joseph Smith. We enjoyed looking inside of the Beehive House. While on our trip we spent about 10 hours at the visitors center and temple square. Yes, that is a lot. Carson says that he enjoyed looking at the temple. It was very beautiful.

While we were at our Grandparents house, Carson enjoyed eating and making chocolate covered strawberries. We also played cards a few nights. Carson loved visiting his great grandparents.
Family is so very important to Carson.

While we were there, Carson was able to visit my brothers family. Carson says that he "enjoyed eating dinner, playing and jumping over the stairs with them, and playing outside. Sorry, I didn't remember to take any pictures. There home is beautiful. It is on the side of a hill overlooking Utah Lake. Wow!

We were also able to visit our friends the Johnsons. They shared dinner with us, and showed us a good time. Carson liked spending time with their kids and eating cookies.

I had such a wonderful experience spending so much time with Carson. I love him so much. It was wonderful seeing and doing so many spiritual things with him.


rita bosley said...

Sounds like such a great trip!
Grandma Bosley

Carson said...

It was so fun & cold in Utah. I had lots & lots of fun in Utah.