Monday, June 16, 2008

More Pictures of our "Little Bristyn"

So, Ryan and I think that she looks just like our other kids. Tell us what you think. I especially see the resemblance between the three girls when they are mad or crying, the same facial expressions! We also feel that she has very distinct features, like Carson had as a baby, when you look at her face it does not look like a newborn face! Dad these pictures hopefully will allow you to see her better! By the way these pictures are all of Bristyn.

Here are more pictures from the hospital. I absolutely enjoyed the quiet time I had to rest in the hospital. I truly cherish the special bonding time I get with my new baby and my husband! I am thankful to my Heavenly Father for blessing me, and my family with our sweet little Bristyn! The spirit is stronger in our home as we enjoy holding, watching and loving her! The c-section was Friday - and I stayed at the hospital until Tuesday - we checked out at noon. Thank you to all of my visitors - Friday: my sister-in-law Sherri brought the kids down in the morning, later that afternoon my brother came up (he works at the hospital where I delivered), when my mom drove out from California she came straight to the hospital and stayed with me for three hours. Saturday my mom and the kids came. Sunday was busy: my neighbor and also great friend Shannon came, our good friends the Coombs came down (quite a long drive for them) with their two children, and my mom and the kids came down as well! Monday my mom and the kids came down and my brother T.J. came up to see my mom. On Tuesday we came home and were greeted by this nice sign... thank you for the warm welcome!

Ryan - all ready for the surgery - he thought these were the nicest surgical clothes he has ever been given!

Me - all dressed for the surgery - at this point I was really excited that we were going to find out if we were having a brother or a sister!

The proud mom and dad, with their newest addition! It was at this point that we decided we better start talking about girl names!

Carson with his new baby sister - still nameless!

Morgan with her new baby sister - still nameless!

Grandma Karla (the next day) with sweet little Bristyn and Cambryn!

Daddy and Bristyn!

Who couldn't love these faces!

When my babies are brand new I just love to sleep like this! One of my sweet nurses snapped this picture very early in the morning.

Mom, Dad and Bristyn all ready to come home!


Jake & Brooke said...

I love the pictures! They're great. Darice I'm glad you were able to relax in the hospital after the c-section. Love you guys!

Leslie Kim said...

Congrats Darice!! Shee is adorable!! Wow, the last time I saw you, you only had one!!! Now you have four!!! Take care, Leslie Kim (Maren's cousin and Sara Smart's friend)

Jon and Heather said...

Thanks for letting us be part of your special weekend. (Sorry we wore you out, too! Good thing you still had two more days to rest in the hospital--sorry!) But we sure do love you guys!

The Greathouse Family said...

Seeing those sweet pictures brings a tear to my eye! She's so precious! I love the picture of Carson holding her. She looks like an angel. Congratulations to all of you!

Jamie said...

Congratulations on the new baby girl! Beautiful Bristyn!