Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Bosley Family Reunion 2008

The Whole Gang- 23 in all! Mom and Dad Bosley, Jake and Brooke Briggs, Jon and Rebecca and their 5 kids, Andrew and Maren and their 4 kids and Ryan and Me and our 4 kids.We had a great time with our family, Ryan was not able to get any time off of work so we went down just for the weekend. My dad had not seen our little Bristyn yet, so we made a quick stop at my parents house before heading over to the reunion. On Saturday we got a bounce house for the kids to enjoy. The adults sat around and talked- it is always fun to all be together. In the afternoon all of the sister-in-laws went for frozen yogurt and to buy one of the little ones Sunday shoes. This is the first time we have gone somewhere just the four of us. Why didn't we do this before? Brooke drove and we all enjoyed riding in her car seat free car! After our little excursion Rebecca, Maren and I helped Brooke make Lasagna. Anyone who knows Brooke knows that she is a wonderful cook! The Lasagna was quite a treat! That night some of the family enjoyed the jacuzzi and later there was ice cream. After the kids went to bed the adults played Scattergories.
Sunday the kids sang, If the Savior Stood Beside Me, in Sacrament Meeting. They did so well, take it upon Morgan to be the one who didn't sing a word. Since when did she become shy? After church we took the big family picture, the men gave Dad Bosley a blessing for his upcoming surgery, we had a mini "music night" (a Bosley family tradition), and then we had a yummy dinner and dessert. We had to leave just after that, another quick stop at my parents house and then on to Arizona!

Ryan and his three siblings: Jon, Brooke and Andrew.

Uncle Jake with our three little girls, they just love him!

Aunt Brooke holding Bristyn, with Morgan too! I think she will be an amazing mom! Her TWO future kids (she is not pregnant) sure are lucky! Had to put the "two" in there Brooke- hope you don't mind:)

The new moms, Maren and I both had our babies on the same day- COOL!
Kind of looks like we are still taking our pain meds, huh?

Nathan Gibb Bosley and Bristyn Anderson Bosley. Born May 30, 2008! Not only do they have the same birthday, but, they were both given their mother's maiden name as their middle name- TOO COOL (and definitely not planned).


Nate, Kelli, Joey and Baby Carter said...

Hi Darice,

I just found your blog. Let me know what your e-mail address is and I will add you guys to our blog. Bristyn is definately a Bosley!

Nate, Kelli, Joey and Baby Carter said...

my e-mail is kelli.l.king@gmail.com

Megan said...

Sounds like you had a fun weekend. Saying goodbye is always the worst part! Bristyn is so cute! I bet the kids love having a baby in the house.

Jake & Brooke said...

2 kids?! It isn't enough that I've agreed to have 1 but now it's 2? You better cross your fingers for twins then... :)

Jake and I had a great time visting with you and the fam. Hope to see you all again soon. We love you!!!

Hey Lucy, I'm Home... said...

Family reunions are the best and yours looks fantastic. :) I love maiden names as middle names too!

Paul and Hilari Howard-- said...

She is so cute! I miss you so much and hope we can see you sometime soon. Paul is leaving on Sunday to go to Irvine for 1 month! He has to do training on a new machine. Needless to say, I am not happy and most likely, I will just roll over and die by the end of the month.

maren bosley said...

I LOVE that picture of Nate and Bristyn! And those mama's look tired--that's for sure :) It was so fun spending time with you guys! LOVE YOU!

Shantil said...

Your blog is very sweet! Glad you are feeling back to yourself. A c-section can take a person for a spin, at times. It always feels nice to be off the meds and such.
This pic of the bebes is soooo cute!