Thursday, July 17, 2008

Fourth of July

Ryan, Carson and Morgan.

Carson can see so well with his glasses! Looking good, buddy!

Morgan, looking cute and trying to enjoy every last bit of her chocolate ice cream!

It was nice to have Ryan home from work, especially since my dear friend Rebekah had just had a baby. Since Ryan was home I was able to go visit her in the hospital. It was so great to see her, she lives in Queen Creek and it had been months since I had seen her! Her new son Jacob is healthy and doing well, congratulations!

We were given awesome tickets to the Diamondbacks game from our friends. They have season tickets and were not going to be using them. We thought about the whole family going and we said, "yeah, that would be fun, we can do it!" Then the more I rethought it, I decided to keep the two youngest home. There were only four tickets and six of us. Bitty would either have to share a seat with Morgan (I could hear the whining just thinking about it) or sit on my lap or Ryan's lap, whoever wasn't holding the baby. I thought that Carson and Morgan would have a great time with their daddy.

Of course lets be real, the thought of a quiet house all to myself, after I put Cambryn and Bristyn to bed, was very enticing!! So how did I spend my quiet night? LOTS OF LAUNDRY and getting things ready for Morgan's birthday party. I also watched fireworks on T.V.

Carson, Morgan and Ryan had a blast at the game, they enjoyed their pizzas and snacks. Morgan LOVED sharing chocolate ice cream with Ryan. Since Carson does not like ice cream (we still haven't figured that one out) he LOVED his giant chocolate chip cookie. After the game there was a fireworks show at the stadium. All in all a fun and relaxing fourth, we even barbecued for lunch- homemade hamburgers- YUM!!

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