Tuesday, November 4, 2008

8, 8, 8, 8, 8, 8

How behind am I? This tag is from almost a month ago!
disclaimer: the only show I hate to miss is the first one, some of them I NEVER watch for various reasons- no cable, don't get the channel on our new digital antenna/converter box thing or the show is just on at a time that doesn't work well for me!
Anyway here they are!
1.The Biggest Loser- love,love,LOVE this show and so do my kids!
2.Sesame Street- seriously I think it is so clever and it makes me laugh every time I watch it!
3.Super Why- who can't love a show that their preschooler gets SO excited for and is educational!
4.Word World- another learning one- the song they sing when they are "building" a word is the best part of the show!
5.What Not To Wear- I just like it!
6.Rachael Ray- my cooking was actually improving when I was watching this show regularly!
7.Extreme Makeover Home Edition- growing up helping my dad with home improvement type projects (including carrying a bathtub up a flight of stairs) makes this show a perfect fit for me and I haven't ever watched an episode without crying- seeing people get so emotional makes me cry right along with them!
8.History Detectives on PBS- this show is so interesting I love to see how the "detectives" research and find out about and item or an event- I learn something new every time I watch!

1.Mimi's Cafe- their pot roast is absolutely AMAZING and the gravy that comes with it is to die for.
2.Pat & Oscars- back in California- they have the BEST breadsticks:garlicky, soft, warm and downright delicious!
3.Chipotle- burritos anyone? need I say more? and don't forget the chips and salsa of course.
4.Olive Garden- they have a way of combining beef and pasta that is unbelievable!
5.The Old Spaghetti Factory- pasta again- Ryan and I went here on our first date and we love that every entree comes with milk, a salad and ice cream all included in the price of the entree- I love a good bargain! My favorite dish here- the tortellini.
6.Red Robin- you can never have too many steak fries and ranch!
7.The Macaroni Grill- their penne rustica melts in my mouth- no shrimp for me though- only the chicken- I have an aversion to all things seafood!
8.Las Brisas- again back in California- they have the most awesome breakfast buffet- made to order omelets, french toast, waffles, fresh fruit and much more! YUMMY!!

1.Locked my keys, wallet and cell phone in the car in the Fry's parking lot.
2.Jeanette saved my day by driving me and my girls home- thank goodness she was there.
3.Hung YES on Prop 102 door hangers with my kids(me pushing two strollers and Carson running his little heart out- up to a whole lot of doors!)
4.Had Family Home Evening.
5.Went walking in the morning!
6.Took a shower, did my hair and put make up on- all before 10a.m.! (a big deal for a mother of four)
7.Folded and put away two loads of laundry.
8.Took our library books back (after Ryan got home and we could get the van that is!)

1.Morgan going to kindergarten next fall (it is not that I am wishing her childhood away- I am just loving the thought of having only two at home during the day. I also must confess it will be nice to not have her crying all the way home if, in her opinion, Carson didn't give her a proper goodbye- instead she will be excitedly skipping out of the car with him!)
2.Our three girls growing up together so close in age!
3.The day when we have equity in our house again!
4.Thanksgiving in California with family!
5.Carson's baptism!
6.Making more jewelry- I think I am addicted- thanks Holly, Kaci and Tami for passing on your skills!
7.Our 10 year anniversary trip next summer- no kiddos for a few days- I am SO EXCITED!
8.CARRIE UNDERWOOD CONCERT on Friday night with my hubby (he got me the tickets for my birthday!)

1.Be able to keep my house as clean as I would like it- if anyone knows the secret please let me know.
2.Being debt free.
3.Teaching my children so they grow up loving the Lord and gain strong testimonies of the gospel and a sure knowledge of right and wrong.
4.Having dinner magically appear on the table each night.
5.Serve a mission or missions with my husband.
6.Take my husband on a cruise- he has never been on one!
7.Go to New York.
8.Take my four sisters and my mom and and have a girls weekend!

2.Shantil(I haven't forgotten about your tag and I will get to it!)
3.Staci Smith
5.Heather Coombs


Wahls said...

yay you did it! I thought that was a really fun tag.... and it's always fun to read new stuff about people!

Brian said...

Seriously, how can you mention world world and superwhy and NOT Mention Word Girl?!? THat is the absolute best show on PBS Kids, though Fetch and Arthur are WAY up there too.