Sunday, November 16, 2008

MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL!!! Did you see that game!

On Saturday night I got a call from the wife of my good friend and neighbor. She asked if I wanted to surprise her husband by going to Monday nights game. I thought for about half a second and then gave an enthusiastic YES!

Mike and I arrived at the stadium about an hour early. That's good, because the parking and the line to get in were crazy. I had been to a pre season game before and had designated parking. That made it easy. This time we took a school bus to the stadium along with thousands of others who were parked so far away.But I have to say, it was a lot of fun riding in a school bus packed with strangers talking and excited with those around us.

We didn't know much about the tickets we had. He had been given them by a friend of his wife's. When we got inside the stadium the corridors were packed with people yelling, chanting, and gathering food. The people here are nothing like those at a MLB game or NBA game. These people are barbarians. I loved it. We found the approximate area where our seats should have been only we figured we needed to go up. We found the nearest escalator and were then even more confused. We asked for help from a lady who worked there. She told us we need to go back down. :)

We went back down and realized that we had been in the right place before, close to the field. We just figured these seats were too good to be true. We were on the 25 yard line at field level. From the opening kick-off which the 49ers returned the kick for a touchdown till the last minute when the 49ers were on the 1 yard line with 2 seconds to go. The Cardinals stopped them from getting a touchdown that would have cost them the game. It was non stop excitement. I'm in Arizona, so I was of course rooting for the Cardinals.

I don't think I sat for more than twenty minutes of that game. A lot of screaming and high fives.

I loved it.
Thanks Mike!

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Brooke said...

How fun Ryan! My friend at work is a die hard 49ers fan and he had a hard time accepting the loss. I'm sure it was amazing to see in person! Can't wait to see you guys next week!