Thursday, February 26, 2009

FLASHBACK- Grandpa Bosley's Funeral

As most of you know, Ryan's dad(otherwise known as grandpa Bosley) passed away in mid December. Although he has been quite sick for years (with diabetes and all of the complications that come with that) it came as quite a surprise when he passed. We all had become accustomed to him bouncing back from whatever came his way! Upon hearing of his passing we were very grateful for the nice long visit we had just had with him over Thanksgiving.
Ryan and his three siblings live in four different states! Jon lives in Utah, Andrew lives in North Carolina and Brooke lives in California. We all of course quickly made plans to get to California- with Jon(the oldest) flying out right away to help Rita with the arrangements for the funeral. Andrew and Maren flew out with their four kids, Rebecca drove down with her and Jon's five, and we were the last to arrive Thursday evening.
The weekend was so beautiful, it was so enjoyable to look through old pictures to compile for the slide show and remember Ted and all of his wonderful qualities. Amidst all the sadness, we took great joy in being together. Being members of the church and having a knowledge of the plan of salvation and eternal life is a tremendous blessing, especially when family and dear friends pass away. We know that dad/grandpa Bosley is in Heaven doing tremendous work and teaching. We know that we will see him again! Families are eternal and knowing this brings us great comfort.

This is Ryan. You never know how you will feel when a parent dies until it happens to you. I guess you could say that I have been preparing for my dads death the past 8 years. I still don't know how I feel. We never thought that he would live to meet Carson. It wasn't until my brothers and I were at the funeral home to dress my dads body that I really felt the loss. I remember being escorted into a private room with my dad on a gurney. It was just the four of us, my brothers, myself, and my dad. It was a special moment that I am glad I was a part of. I'm grateful for the memories I have of my dad. I will miss him.

Kevin, Carson and Josh. It was so sweet watching these three.

(Darice again)The services on Saturday were beautiful. Jon gave the eulogy and did a fantastic job. A couple of men in the ward spoke, and it was especially fun for me to hear about things that Ted did in his younger years. The grandchildren sang two songs and the relief society put on a delicious luncheon. Rita has some wonderful friends in her ward and we are so thankful to know that she will continue to be loved by them! We love our family and are so blessed to have the gospel!

Brooke, Ryan, Rita, Jon and Andrew

The twin cousins, Bristyn and Nate.


The Wright's said...

I had not heard of your father-in-laws passing and I am so sorry for your loss. Whether expected or unexpected, it is never an easy thing to go through. It sounds like Ryan has a great family!

Again, I am sorry for your recent heartache and let me know if there is anything I can do for you.

Trevs Navy Wife said...

Dearest Ryan and Darice,
I tracked down your blog once I heard about Ryan's Dad. Our prayers and thoughts are with you. Thank you so much Ryan for sharing your heartfelt words also. You have a beautiful family.
Much love,
Trev, Marla, Katrina & Aidan