Monday, March 30, 2009

FLASHBACK- Christmas

We had a really wonderful Christmas. I know I am so late posting about it- but what can I say?! Something new that we did this year is caroling with the kids. We practiced a few songs and went around to our neighbors on our street. It was so fun. The kids and the neighbors LOVED it! I am sure the kids will be asking to do it next Christmas.
We (of course) did the standard things- put a carrot and reindeer food outside for the reindeer. They (the reindeer) can't come in the house! We left cookies and milk for Santa along with the kid's letters and a short note to Santa on this adorable chalk board plate that I got from my neighbor!

The kids had a great day and so did we- it was so relaxing! Carson was not very impressed with the big fat man this year! Hopefully next year Santa will do well by Carson!
Bristyn with her fun new baby toys!

Cambryn riding in style in her new cozy coupe!

Morgan sitting pretty on her new Barbie bike!

Carson with probably his favorite gift (from us not Santa) it is a "be" board from Pres. Hinckley's talk! This boy LOVES Pres. Hinckley!

Maybe some of you think this picture is kind of gross- well it is!! However I was not going to cook my first Turkey EVER and not document it! First of all one night there was a knock on the door and I open it and I find this HUGE turkey sitting on my front porch. We of course do not know who brought it to us! Secret giving definitely brings with it the true spirit of Christmas. It is certainly a special feeling to know someone was thinking of me and my family! This pan I used belonged to my Great Grandmother- my mom brought it out with her when she brought our gifts. I was so excited to cook my first turkey! So I looked on line to find a recipe. I never bothered to check the exact size of the turkey that I had put up in the freezer. By the time I did check the size- that is exactly what I did not have enough of-TIME! Anyway our Christmas Eve dinner of turkey with all the trimmings turned into French Toast. And we all really enjoyed it! The Turkey cooked overnight and we enjoyed snacking on it all Christmas day! It was the most moist turkey I have ever eaten! We enjoyed our traditional Christmas Breakfast Casserole (our big meal for the day) and our assortment of snack type foods that we set out for the remainder of the day- this means no more cooking for me!! The kids had fun playing with all of their new toys and we started on one of the puzzles Santa left for Carson- that single gift has allowed for a LOT of family time- we are still working on it!!


Watson Family said...

What a merry Christmas for your sweet family! :)

Shantil said...

You are better than me! Besides the fact that Benjamin is a vegetarian, and I don't like turkey, it is pretty certain I will never prepare a turkey for Thanksgiving.
But you conquered it, giblets and all, and appear to have done a great job!