Monday, April 13, 2009

February Happenings

In February I lost two of my little preschool students (they are both standing directly behind me in the picture.) One moved to California and the other is attending speech therapy preschool through the school district. I miss them both tons! I love teaching preschool and it is definitely a part of who I am! As a side note who wouldn't love teaching these little guys!
Morgan was invited to a "Rock Star" party- a goodbye party for her friend (pictured above). We borrowed a crimper and got her this Hannah Montana shirt! She had inherited pink boots from her cousin, and she looked DARLING! She had a wonderful time and misses her friend everyday!
Thanks to my friend Tisha- who watched my three girls all day- I got to go with Carson on a field trip! We went to the Phoenix Zoo and had a great time. I really enjoyed myself and Carson liked having me come along.
Carson started scouts in January! He loves it- this picture is at the Blue and Gold Banquet. For those of you who don't know, February is Cub Scoutings birthday month and so traditionally you hold a Blue and Gold Banquet (birthday party) in lieu of pack meeting in the month of February! Carson has 12-14 scouts in his Wolf Den- we feel so blessed to have so many boys in the ward for Carson to grow up with!!
The Air Fair came again this year and we were so excited the kids really enjoyed it last year! Ryan was working that day so I took the kids myself- took us FOREVER to get out the door- but we finally made it. However when we got there we did not see any of the fun jumpy things or slides! The kids were very sad as those things were the main reason for wanting to go. I have to admit I was feeling a little let down too! No matter we were going to make the most of it! Then sweet relief- we saw the "attractions" arriving! We were among the first in line for this huge slide- we watched anxiously as it inflated and the crew tethered it down to keep it sturdy!

Carson climbing the ladder to the big slide!
Me and the kids!
Cute picture of Pilot Carson!


Watson Family said...

Morgan is such a cutie, and her crimped hair looks adorable!

Brian said...

Welcome to the life of cub scouting guys! Parker just started at the end of last, looking back, I don't know how my parents survived! ;)

Jake & Brooke said...

These are great pictures Darice. I can't believe how big the kids are getting.

And I love the new background. Very cute.

Love you guys!!!

maren bosley said...

What fun you guys have! Love the rockstar picture Morgan! Too cute!!!

Anonymous said...

So fun to see these cute kids! Thanks for keeping us updated. The pictures are great!
Love you all
Mom Bosley