Saturday, September 5, 2009

34 Reasons I Love My Husband

1. He loves me.
2. He changes stinky diapers.
3. He is devastatingly handsome.
4. He bakes really good cookies.
5. He is patient.
6. He is a cautious driver.
7. He prays with me.
8. He picks up bananas at the store at least twice a week (they're a favorite around here).
9. He works very hard for us- at two jobs that aren't very fun!
10. He usually drives the whole way on road trips.
11. He loves his children.
12. The songs he makes up, for the kids, are way more funny than mine.
13. He married me even though I prefer watching movies to rollerblading and hiking.
14. He loves my parents and my siblings.
15. He honors his priesthood.
16. He plays Dora and Diego with the girls.
17. He mops the floor.
18. He keeps our plants healthy and our yards looking beautiful.
19. He loves to eat.
20. He read "The Twilight Saga" and liked it.
21. He doesn't steal the covers at night anymore.
22. He reads scriptures with me.
23. He picks up after me (I'm the messy one- not him).
24. He commutes 45 min/each way to work and NEVER complains about it.
25. He took me to the temple to get sealed for time and all eternity.
26. He loves to try new recipes and we have so much fun cooking together.
27. He plans fun things for us to do as a family.
28. He has allowed me the opportunity of having 4 beautiful children.
29. He is my best friend.
30. I still feel taken care of when he hugs me.
31. He is taking/has taken care of Morgan, Cambryn and Bristyn during the last two hours of church as infants, because I was/am serving in the Primary.
32. He does boy stuff with Carson.
33. He gathers us for family prayer each day.
34. Most of all I Love My Husband because that is what I choose to do, I have, I will and I do love you Ryan. FOREVER! Happy Birthday!


Watson Family said...

You're a great couple and this is such an awesome post honoring your dear husband on his birthday, today & always!

Anonymous said...

What a neat way to say I love you and happy birthday to Ryan. Glad you found each other!
Love, Mom B

Jake & Brooke said...

I love this Darice! He's a great brother and I'm sooo happy to have you as a sister-in-law. :D

Tami G. said...

I'd say he's pretty lucky to have you too :)