Sunday, September 6, 2009

Hiking in Beaver Creek, Two wild and crazy guys

Yesterday, for my birthday, Carson and I went to Beaver Creek, a place that we were recently introduced to. We went on a seven mile hike in the pouring rain. By the time we finished the hike 31/2 hours later, you would have thought we had jumped in a lake. There was the perfect amount of bumps and drops, turns and rocks. Carson did a great job keeping up. Ever since I left California, and gave up mountain biking, I have been looking for a new hobby. This isn't nearly as exciting but at least I can do it with the entire family. The girls had better get ready. I hope they will want to join us and make this a Bosley regular activity.


Brian said...

We all hiked up a hill to a beautiful lake in Vermont last year...if we ever come for a visit to Arizona, you'll have to take us along. The cave drawings are extra cool.

Andrew Bosley said...

What a cool dad! Sounds like great fun. We've been trying to do more hiking, but there's not a lot out in the NC. You have a great family! You're the man, brother!