Sunday, February 7, 2010

Not all bankers are bad

Last weekend I was able to go to Dallas with 750 other Chase personal bankers from across the country, that's about the top 5%. It was my first year going and it was a great time. They treated us to two great dinners, a marvelous hotel, good times and some of us went as a passenger in a NASCAR run at 160 mph. There were also a couple of meetings that were surprisingly not all that boring. Luckily I was able to go with a friend from my branch. I new it was going to be cold, but 26 degrees is a bit too cold. It snowed a couple of times. This court yard is actually in doors. The gold star shown here is at the top of the atrium. The view overlooking the courtyard is from my room the first night there. I look so sick and pale. I used to be tan. That last picture is actually a movie of the first lap. The next few laps were even faster with moving into drafting positions and other formations. I'm no NASCAR fan, but fast and powerful cars are cool. Certainly more exciting than my old Honda Civic.


Rita said...

Sounds like you had a great time! In the video the car doesn't seem to be going 160 mph but it probably did when you were sitting there in the car.

Congrats to you, Ryan. Good job!
Love you

Andrew Bosley said...

That whole trip sounds amazing!!! And Darice's too! You guys are seriously world travelers!
miss you all!

Andrew Bosley said...

Look at my fancy pants brother!!! Hey, remember us little people when you get your multimillion dollar bonuses, ok?