Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Decorating for Christmas/Black Friday/Thanksgiving Weekend

bristy-girl playing with the nativity finger puppets and dressed in a swimsuit :)

cambryn lining up the Mary and baby Jesus finger puppets

We started decorating for Christmas the day after Thanksgiving and I loved it! Ryan had to work that day, but as soon as he came home he said, "Let's turn on some Christmas music and put up the tree." He earned about 500 points for saying/doing that. So Ryan had to work on Saturday too. But the kids and I worked all day decorating the house, Carson and Morgan worked tirelessly putting the decorations on the tree, and I didn't get one stinking picture of them doing anything. Cambryn and Bristyn did pretty much what you see them doing in the pictures above. All of my areas that are available to display things are super high- the top of the cupboards and the top of the refrigerator. So past helping with the tree and putting up the ladder next to the tree, there wasn't much more for them to do.
our pretty tree

ryan setting up the reindeer

When Ryan got home from work on Saturday, he put up the lights on the house and when I came out to talk to him, I saw him setting up the reindeer. For this he earned about a gazillion points. It is possible that he didn't really care for the reindeer. It is also possible that he might have been heard to say, "they actually look pretty good." So I have a converted reindeer lover! I for one totally love the reindeer. And a couple of years ago when my parents got me one and my dad set it up for me it made me a very happy girl. Now I have two and having my husband put them both up for me had me smiling all the way through Christmas. He really loves me and he knew that this would be a sweet way to show me- I love you babe-a-lish-de-lish!
ryan "grilling" the steak

This same weekend we got some steak to grill on the barbecue. Only when we went to turn the grill on- no propane. So here we have improvised grilling- simply move the electric skillet out to the barbecue and you too can grill in style. I purchased my first sewing machine on black friday this year and it is so fun to have a sewing machine. I haven't gotten it out and played with it as much as I would like, but it is fun none the less.
me sewing on my own sewing machine- thank you black friday

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Rita said...

Some fun things happening at your place. Love the Christmas lights, tree, snow and sewing machine.