Thursday, March 10, 2011

Carson's 10th Birthday- WHAT!!!!!!!!!!

This sweet boy is 10 years old and I can't believe it! It seriously does not feel like 10 years have passed already. Carson is such a joy to raise. He loves his family a lot, a lot, a lot, has a kind heart, thinks of others and is a great big brother to his sisters. He thinks about food all the time, worrying about what is for dinner even before breakfast is finished.

Carson has joined the Chorus at school and comes to ward choir with me now. And he loves it. He didn't really want to try out for Chorus. He is glad now that he did. We encouraged him to try out, but told him he did not have to join if he didn't want to. Well he really loves his Chorus teacher and has found that he enjoys singing very much.
For Carson's birthday we got him Super Mario Bros. Wii and a couple of pocket knives, don't worry he has earned his whittling chip-HA.

Carson had his best friend Sam over the Friday before his birthday for a sleep over. We gave him his video game that morning so he and Sam could play it together. On his actual birthday we had Sam, Sarah (sam's sister pictured with morgan) and Maddie (pictured with Cambryn) over to play. That night we had a huge cookie bar cake, sang to him and gave him his pocket knives. If you care to hear us serenade Carson just click on the video below.

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