Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Bosley Family Snow Day

Two weeks after "Wicked" we took the kids to the snow.  The last time the kids saw the snow, two of them were not even born, Morgan was just 6 months old.  I was able to borrow most of the snow gear we needed- thank you facebook- and so we bought very little.  Our family had a perfect day together.  Sledding was first, we were able to borrow two sleds, and as we were leaving Ryan ran and grabbed the plastic slide off of our climby thing in the back yard.  The slide was by far the best sled especially for Ryan and I to take Bristyn and Cambryn down with us.  That left the two other sleds for the big kids to use and everyone was happy.  We only had two crashes, Carson hurt his wrist a little on one of his runs, and on the very last run of the day Morgan decided she wanted Ryan to take her down the super steep part of the hill.  They had a blast, but both tore their pants on the spin out at the bottom.  Thank goodness neither one of them had borrowed pants!

After sledding we drove down the road about a mile and found the perfect spot for snowman building.  The whole family worked hard for about two hours building our snowman, we scooped, shaped and formed our snowman to pure awesomeness.  It was a wonderful, wonderful day.  Everyone was happy and smiling the entire time.  We had packed lunch with us and picked up something for dinner on the way home.  Ryan and I want to make this at least a yearly tradition- no more going 6 years between family trips to the snow.

Cambryn and Bristyn totally out- 2 minutes into the drive(literally)


Bridgette said...

What a fun day! Such cute picts too. That little side shot of Morgan is adorable. Miss you! Come visit me sometime. Bring your suits & we can take over the in-laws pool K?

Nick and Ashley said...

So, fun. Snow, where? It does look like the kids loved it. I agree with Bridgette it's been too long! Maybe I can get in on that play date. ;)

(I'm having a boy!)

Darice said...

Bridgette- I would love to come see you- and crash the in-laws pool! Is once a week too much? J/K- but not really if you know what I mean. Totally miss you!

Ashley- we took the kids to Flagstaff. Are you up for bagels during the summer? Maybe Friday mornings and we don't need to do it early. I am so excited for you to be having a boy- yay for babies. And I totally miss you!

Nick and Ashley said...

Yes totally up for bagels. ;) Just let me know when you want to start. We could even switch houses so you don't always have to host. Not that your not a great host, but you know what I mean..

Darice said...

This Friday would be good for me- actually Bristyn's birthday was yesterday so this Friday I think I will do a small party- just bagels and a game and coloring page. I'll send you an invite.