Thursday, June 2, 2011

Carson's Chorus Performance, Crazy Hair Day, Father's and Sons

 Carson and Morgan attended Scott Libby Elementary this year.  We have been super happy with our decision to take them 2 school districts over.  Carson has especially loved being in Chorus- he had to try out- and he made it.  He sings in Ward choir too- now that he has discovered how much he enjoys singing.  When I was talking to his Chorus teacher one time she said, "Carson sings so well, but I'm not surprised- those LDS kids come singing from the womb."  I thought that was pretty hilarious.  For the end of the year Chorus performance, they performed "The Nightingale" set in China.  Carson played the part of Timekeeper one of the Emperor's chief advisors.  It was a fun night.

 Carson and Ryan went to the Fathers and Sons Campout and Carson got to try shooting for the first time.  This was after the official hours of the campout had ended.  There were no guns allowed during campout hours- thank goodness- could you imagine.
While the boys were gone, the girls and I had fun watching Tangled, having waffles and cereal for dinner and getting donuts for breakfast.

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