Monday, November 7, 2011

Two week trip to California- end of summer hurrah!

Tuesday and Wednesday:
We packed serious fun into this trip!  Our first stops were to visit friends- the ones I have missed on trips past.  I didn't want to miss them this time so we went to their homes first.  Our first stop was one of my childhood friends Sara- known her since I was 4- they were leaving the next day for Utah- so I only got to stop in for a couple of hours- but it was SO good to catch up with her.  No pictures.  The next stop was the Johnson's friends from our newlywed/institute days.  We got to their house at dinner time stayed the night and enjoyed breakfast and playing in the morning.  Again no pictures.  The third stop was at Andy's house, Andy and I met each other at Girls Camp one summer and after that we were together all the time.  We were totally instant best friends- we went to different high schools- but called each other EVERY day on the phone.  It was wonderful to spend time with her.  I also love old friends- at the Johnson's we stayed in our pajamas to play in the morning and since we knew we were going to swim at Andy's we just stayed in our jammies to head to her house.  We started with lunch, then went swimming, a little playing, movie watching and IN-N-OUT for dinner(man I love that place).  I don't remember when we left, but I do remember getting to my parents late that night.  It felt so good to see these old friends- there is something about people who grew up with you- it is a special kind of bond. 

Lucky for us our Utah Bosley cousins were in CA for a few days while we were there!  This day we enjoyed going to take a trip on the huge orange hot air balloon with them and Grandma Bosley.  Thank goodness for the complimentary Merry-go- Round.  Because you have to wait a SUPER long time for your turn to go up in the hot air balloon.  The day was very fun- the plan was to go to the beach also but the mornig took so long that that didn't happen.  We went to Grandma Bosley's for lunch played for awhile and headed back to my parents.

Morgan had a date with Grandpa Gary and Grandma Karla to go birthday shopping.  She loved one of the things she picked so much she slept with it!

Carson, Morgan and Cambryn went to the beach with their Bosley cousins.  Bristyn was a little sick so she and I could not go with them.  That night we went night swimming at G & G Great's house.  The torture we put my parents through as kids wanting to go night swimming- WHY do kids think it is SO fun to go swimming in the cold night time!?!  Nevertheless it WAS fun.  We enjoyed dinner and swimming and treats afterward.

We enjoyed the Pioneer Day Celebration.  Yummy food, a petting zoo, a parade for the kids and even being put in jail.

We went to church with Grandma Bosley and our cousins, this is a picture of Morgan right before we sang happy birthday to her.  Then the camera died.  The 3 older ones ended up spending the night.

The 3 older kids went to the beach again.  Monday afternoon the kids had fun playing in the front yard in Grandma Karla's huge red ball and with Morgan's bubble gun she got from Grandma Bosley.

Tuesday and Wednesday:
We drove down to San Diego area to stay one night with Brook and our Treiber cousins.  It was perfect.  The kids had a great time being together.  And I can't even remember the last time I got to talk to Brook for so long.  One of the things we did was make our own restaurant.  First we let the kids know they were going to pick a job and earn some money for doing their job.  Some were happy to do their jobs and there was one that was not.  The kids did not know what they were earning money for.

Here they all are in the very bright sun waiting for their money, then we brought them in and welcomed them to the Trei-Bos Cafe.  The kids loved picking what ever they wanted and having so many choices, we even got a real smile out of that cute girl up there.  Our days were also filled with Wii and of course LOTS of holding that sweet baby a few pictures down.  At night after the kids were in bed, James stayed with them and Brook and I got treats at McDonalds and ate them in the Taco Bell parking lot- more light, then Brook and I stayed up WAY late talking.  We left after dinner and got back to my parents house not too-too late and started some laundry- one poor girl didn't have any clean clothes left.

Tiffany and her girls (otherwise known as our Bauer cousins) were going to the Science Center and since we have a year pass we joined them it was so fun.  We took a Safari, watched a riveting film about water, played some hockey and got blown away in the wind tunnel.  That night we had dinner with Grandpa Gary and played charades- that was the best fun.  Grandma Karla was up at Girls Camp- we missed her while she was gone.

 Friday(above and below):
Friday Grandma Karla got home from Girls Camp and we just spent time with her.  That night we went to see Mary Poppins.  Grandma Great, Grandma Karla, Grandpa Gary, Uncle Tim, Aunt Tiffany, Me, Carson, Morgan, Bekah and Cambryn.  We got a sitter for Jaina and Bristyn.  The show was great- expect for the statues that come to life-Yikes!  Thank goodness we were FAR away from the stage- I can't even imagine the horror for those sitting closer.
Tiff and the girls hung out the whole day.  Grandma took all the kids with her to the store- so they could pick out treats and find boxes so we could have a drive in movie- there's grandpa in the back working on a fire so we could have smores- you know cause at this point there hadn't been nearly enough sugar consumed.  We thought the kids needed more.  That night Grandma put rollers in the girls hair and they looked so cute that night sleeping and the next day for church.

Monday (above and below):
Before we headed home to AZ- we needed one last stop at the Science Center- Morgan REALLY wanted to go on the Earthquake simulator and we had skipped it on Thursday.  Earthquake simulators aren't really Cambryns thing so she and Bristyn went on another safari.
 When we pulled into the garage I saw this!
 And when I walked into the kitchen I saw this!  How sweet is that?

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What an awesome trip! And the flowers and message from your dear husband- so sweet!