Friday, December 16, 2011

First Day of School- August 8, 2011

 Little Itty-Bitty Cambryn started school this year- I couldn't believe it!  I just wasn't ready for it- because of her size it just feels like all the milestones come too early!  But doesn't she look so cute!  She was excited and nervous.  I was also nervous- I truly didn't know how she was going to do on her first day.
 Once we got to school we took Carson to his class first- no picture because hello he is in 5th grade now and no way did he want mom and dad following him into class.  Morgan on the other hand was happy to pose for a picture- but then again she is always happy to pose for a picture.
 Does Cambryn's face lood nervous or what?  She got a little teary eyed and so I did too.  Thank goodness for two things. 1)She knew her teacher- Morgan's 1st grade teacher moved down to Kindergarten and 2)One of her sweet friends is in her class with her.  Mrs. Ruff put them at the same table- I totally love her for that!
 It was HARD for me to leave her- I was so glad her sweet friend was there to help take care of her- that was actually my only comfort throughout the day!  Well she had a great first day and has adjusted well and is loving school.

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