Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Halloween 2011

My mom always did a color themed dinner on holidays and I haven't done one until this year.  Here is our well balanced meal of Cheetos, carrots, orange milk and nachos.  Good to get some nutrition in those kids before all the candy.  Morgan did her cat make up all three times she wore her costume.  She knew it was lopsided but didn't mind one bit.  Cute girl- we found the cat ears and tail at the 99* store, 99* for both together.

Cambryn and Bristyn's costumes were both hand me downs from our sweet friend Maddie- the girls love them- thank you!

Carson wore this Uncle Sam costume- that we already had.  For the ward Trunk or Treat he was an escaped criminal we did spend $3 on that and I think we also bought Bristy and new wand and tiara set 99*.  Here are the pumpkins I had darling pictures of the kids carving them.  With no help from me- the older kids helped the younger kids- the only thing I did was clean out the pumpkins for the kids- they hate that part.  Anyway those pictures were lost with the grass pictures.

Ryan sat out to pass out candy.  I took the kids around Trick or Treating.  I bought this sweet orange wig for like $3.50 I think.  I needed a new one- my blonde wig was beyond scary- all tangled and gross looking.  So the grand total on costumes this year was less than $10- sweet!