Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Thanksgiving- November 24

So we don't have very many pictures from Thanksgiving- but- at least we have some- that way we know it really happened.  This year we were home- again- it has been a lot of  years since Ryan has had more than just Thanksgiving day off.  Anyway a couple of weeks before Thanksgiving Ryan's sister Brooke called and said, "Can we come for Thanksgiving?"  We were SO excited.  The crowd was thus:  Our family, Grandma Bosley, Brooke, Jake and Kate.  And my brother T.J. and his girlfriend.  We had all the traditional fixings and they were so yummy.  It was a wonderful day full of food and family- just as it should be.  I actually really enjoy hosting Thanksgiving- it is always such a relaxed day and everyone is comfortable- and what is more fun than standing in the kitchen cooking all day with a bunch of women?- I love it!!

The next day, Ryan's cousin came over with her family to visit for a couple of hours before the CA crew headed home.  It was so nice to see them- even though we only live about 50 min. apart we hardly ever see them.  Their youngest is the same age as Carson and they had fun playing games together.  The two older boys sat and talked with the adults for a bit and then they went and played with the girls.  They are so cute with the little girls- so fun!  Below is Bristyn and Kate saying goodbye to eachother- they are 10 months apart- and have so much fun!  For the short while they were here- we heard little girl happy squealing almost constantly- thank goodness for the upstairs or it might have driven us crazy.  As it was we really loved hearing them have such a good time.  Thank you mom Bosley, Brooke, Jake and Kate for coming.  We LOVED having you here!

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