Sunday, February 12, 2012


 New Year's Day, after church, the kids and I drove to California.  My parents kept up their Christmas decorations for us.  We had dinner and opened presents Sunday night when we got there.  I was a little nervous to drive being so tired, but I really did fine.  We stopped once at a rest stop to use the restroom and that was it.  We had tacos and they were so good.  Griffin and his fiance Leola were there that night and it was so fun.

 Monday we went to the park with Tiff and her kids.  Bekah didn't have school that day so it was fun to hang out with them all day.  Cousins just love being together- so fun to watch.  That night we had pizza and went looking at Christmas lights- thankfully a lot of people still had them up.  When we got home we watched "A Muppet Christmas Carol."  I love that movie!

 Tuesday: no pictures.  Carson went in the morning with Grandma Karla to watch her bowl in her bowling league and I took the girls to go pick up cousin Jaina from preschool.  For the afternoon we just played games and played outside.  In the evening we met my grandparents and my uncle, along with my parents, at Home Town Buffet and enjoyed dinner with them.

Wednesday: no pictures.  We went in the morning to Grandma Bosley's and met her for a morning at the beach.  The weather was gorgeous.  Brooke, Jake and Kate met us at the beach and it was heavenly.  Probably one of my favorite days!  After the beach we went to Grandma's for lunch and Brooke, Jake and Kate went to run some errands.  We played Yahtzee with Grandma and then went to Brooke and Jake's to go in the jacuzzi.  For dinner we went to Cafe Rio.  It was a wonderful day.  Late that night my sister Brook got to my parents with her three kids, we loved having them come for a couple of days to hang out with us.

Thursday:  We took a picnic lunch to a park and fed the ducks.  The kids each brought a scooter and had fun on those.  While we were feeding the ducks quite a few of us ended up on top of the tables.  There were really mean geese trying to bite us.  It was pretty scary.  That night Tiff, Tim and their girls came over to act out the Nativity.  We waited that long so Carson could have some other boys to share the male roles with.
 Friday: no pictures.  In the morning Brook, Tiff and I went to get pedicures.  After that we played and then ended up giving everyone, except Abbey, either a haircut or trim.  It was pretty fun.  That night we had IN-N-OUT for dinner and I went with my dad to pick it up.  We listened to Christmas music, something I had been longing to do all season.  I just had a big desire to drive in the car with my dad and listen to Christmas music- I remember doing that so much with him as a teenager and loving it!  Mom, Brook and I went to a baby shower that night, when we got home we played Polish Poker and then Brook took her kids back home.

 On Saturday we went bowling with Grandma Karla, Tiff, Bekah and Jaina.  On the way we bought Disney Sing It and really had fun playing that together that night.  I tried to be more relaxed about letting the kids stay up later and they thought that was great.  We had a spaghetti dinner that night and played games.  Sunday morning we said goodbye to G & G, went to 9am sacrament meeting with my sister and then drove home.  Some friends invited us for dinner and then Carson and I went to Stake choir practice.  We had a wonderful time in CA, as always, and no matter how long we are there it NEVER feels long enough!

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Kelly and Megan said...

I loved reading all your updates! Except for one makes me miss you! Sounds like things are going well and your kids are getting so grown up! Congrats on #5!