Friday, June 15, 2012

March 2012

At the beginning of March we found our son asleep with his sword and we had to snap a picture- isn't he cute?!
Ryan was supposed to start a new position at work on March 1st. However, since his new manager at his new branch was going on Maternity leave- they told him- we want you to wait until June 1st to start the new position. Major Bummer! Our week long vacation- to Colorado and Utah- had to be shortened and only include Utah. We had a wonderful time visiting Ryan's grandmother- who turned 92 the week after we visited her! We were also able to fit in fun family time and visit Ryan's brother who lives about 30 minutes from Grandma.

On the drive up to Utah we stopped at two temples the Las Vegas temple and the St. George temple.  I love taking my kids to see temples and talking to them about the important role they play in our lives as Latter Day Saints.  I am so grateful for my temple sealing to Ryan and that it means we are married not only for time but also for eternity!  I love sharing that with my kids! Stopping at these two temples made it take considerably longer to get there- but it was so worth it!

Visiting our cousins- the kids had a great time playing, we had an excellent dinner and we all enjoyed playing FUNGLISH together.  Thanks for a great night!

Ryan and his brother Jon.

One day we walked around BYU- the first time for me and the kids.  We started the day at a museum and were shocked that Cambryn actually touched the snake!

We ate at SLAB PIZZA, it was awesome!  We are a family who loves our pizza and this was easily one of our favorites.

That same day we took a small hike/walk to Bridal Veil Falls- the pictures look a little weird because we had changed a setting on the camera.  It was fun for the kids to see snow on the ground- we were hoping to find enough to play in- but did not. 

We of course spent a day at Temple Square as well.  We started with a tour of the Conference Center and spent a great deal of time at the Visitor's Centers.  It was pretty cold this day- especially for us wimpy Arizonans!


We of course didn't take any pictures with Grandma until the morning we were leaving.  We are so grateful and feel blessed to have her around.  Ryan and I really enjoyed talking with her and Mike at night after the kids went to bed.  It was a wonderful trip- with great memories.

The girls and I back home- making Rice Krispy Treats together- just don't ask me how many I ate. :)

For the second year in a row we attended the Easter Pageant at the Mesa Temple.  I really wish we would have made it to this years sooner!  After the first time- now we won't miss it.  Both years we leave right from school when we pick up the kids.  We get there super early, that means front row seats, which is really good for the kids AND their short parents!  We bring things to color and read and we stop and pick up Little Ceasars to have for dinner when the time comes.  As we were sitting some of the cast member came out and talked to us.  One of them asked Cambryn a question and instead of turning her head to the side and being shy, she answered them!  We were shocked- she is finally coming out of her shell a little bit and it is fun to watch!  The pageant is amazing- it strengthens my testimony of Christ and his mission, and I cried through the whole thing!

The very end of March features our son again.  Carson was awarded his Arrow of Light Award- the highest award you can earn in Cub Scouting.  We are proud of him and his accomplishments!  Way to go Carson!

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