Friday, November 8, 2013

for a smiley 5 year old

an iPhone picture taken by me, in the car, to showcase her crown from treasure box
I had the best morning with this girl.  She is happy and smiling more often than she is not.  I am SO thankful for that.  She makes us all laugh and lightens up a grumpy day/mood/person so easily.  I scheduled our kids to all have dentist appointments together at 2:00, but then one of Bristyn's besties gave us a birthday invitation- the party started at 1:30.  I called and got her appointment for the same day just in the morning and we put Maylin in Bristyn's spot for the afternoon.  This girl got to live the dream this day, a dentist appointment(which she doesn't mind one bit), a special prize because she is not sucking her thumb any more, a vanilla shake and grilled cheese from in-n-out, getting checked in at school so she didn't miss fun Friday with treasure box and getting to go to a birthday party.

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