Sunday, November 3, 2013

for friends

I am thankful today(and everyday) for friends.  That's Cambryn in the middle and these two friends have helped her a lot.  The one on the left is a sweet friend from school, she helped Cambryn be happier at our Halloween party.  Before she came Cambryn did not even put her costume on and she was kind of grumpy.  When this sweet friend got there she put her costume on and we had nothing but smiles for the rest of the time.  The friend on the right is of course sweet Sammi.  Today all of Cambryn's sisters and I stayed home from church.  Cambryn was not excited about being the only girl and having to go and sit with Carson and Ryan by herself.  So we made a phone call and Cambryn got to sit with Sammi and all was okay in her world. 
So I am thankful for friends, they can make miracles happen and gladden the heart.

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