Friday, August 31, 2007

Carson is in First Grade!

Well I can't believe that Carson is in First Grade! We have to leave the house at 7:30 in the morning, half an hour earlier than last year. So it is a little harder for me to get out the door. It is not unusual for me to take the boys (we carpool) to school in my pajamas. The other morning Ryan was teasing me, he told me Carson was going to be embarrassed just like the little girl on "Hope Floats". So he is comparing me to Sandra Bullock that is a good thing, right? Enough about me, Carson is really enjoying school. He says he has the best teacher in the world. He is reading very well and is quite good with numbers. He has a real love for math and of learning in general. It is fun to have him come home and tell us about the things he has been learning. He is kind to his sisters and loves to play with them. Carson has a caring nature and is concerned about others. WE LOVE HIM!

Carson looking sharp on his first day.

Carson giving a "thumb's up".


maren bosley said...

Yay Carson! You guys better watch out...he's going to be a heartbreaker!
love you guys!

Carson said...

I sure did love first grade.