Sunday, August 26, 2007

Can You Dig It?

I have really been wanting a sandbox in the back yard. So Ryan made me one. He asked our neighbor, Mike, to help him. They went over to "Lowe's" (which is now right across the street) and picked up the wood, sand, and other tools they would need. Ryan had been looking online for plans for building the sand box. When he called Grandpa Gary with some questions, Grandpa Gary said he would draw up some plans and fax them to Ryan at work. Ryan used the plans that Grandpa Gary had sent. The project was completed in about half a days time. I know Ryan is very proud of his work, and he should be! We put the sand box at the side of the house, right outside the low window in the kitchen, that way I can see the kids while they play. It has been a favorite activity at that ever challenging time of day, when the kids are restless and I am trying to get dinner ready. The kids love it and I love it! I have not had the Pre-school children out to play in the sand box yet, but we are excited that the cost for the sand box is a business write-off. Good work Ryan, we can definitely dig it!

Ryan and our neighbor Mike working hard.

Couldn't resist taking this shot!

Fitting the frame.

The finished product.

The three kids playing in the sandbox. THANKS DADDY!


Brooke Briggs said...

Way to go Ryan! Nice sandbox building skills. Good job with keeping the blog up Darice. I'm slacking big time on ours :( We love you guys!

brooke briggs said...


maren bosley said...

yes! keep the posts coming---we love the pictures! And way to go with the sandbox. It looks great and I'm sure the kids LOVE it!!!