Monday, January 7, 2008

Do Our Pictures Look Clearer?

So it usually is not a good idea to bring a camera into the bathtub, right? Well Morgan thought it would be fun, so that is exactly what she did. You might ask where her mother was while she was in the bath. Having one of many "Mother-of-the-Year" moments (as Ryan likes to call them). All in good fun and no insult taken whatsoever when he teases me with this loving term. Anyway I was laying my pregnant self on the couch while she was in the bath. When I discovered that she had taken the camera for a swim, I opened it up. I was very hopeful that it would dry out and we could still use it. No such luck. While we were not excited about needing to spend the money on a new camera, we have been very happy with the quality of picture that the new camera takes. We hope you enjoy the improved quality as well! Thanks Morgan!

A picture of innocence?

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