Monday, January 7, 2008

Happy Birthday Carson

Carson turned 7 on December 23. The 23rd was on Sunday so we celebrated and these pictures were taken on Saturday the 22nd. To celebrate we went as a family to Peter Piper Pizza, for lunch, where you can of course have pizza, and play arcade games. Carson loves it and mom and dad love the large pizza 30 token special which is about $13.99. The other contenders were Mimi's and The Old Spaghetti Factory. We liked his choice for two reasons: 1) it was right across the street as opposed to 20-40 min. up the freeway and 2) it saved us some money. That evening we had his cousins and aunt and uncle over and we made our own brown butter with mizithra it was very tasty but when asked I would not divulge just how much butter it takes to make this tasty dish. Enjoy the pictures of the celebration and Happy Birthday Carson!

The birthday boy!

The boys.

The girls.

The family.

Carson and dad racing!

Carson blowing out his "candles" - use your imagination - we had too. The dessert is the Cinna-Crunch dessert pizza from Peter Piper Pizza.

Carson surrounded by his gifts. From mom and dad he got the Hot Wheels V-Track. To see it in action see the video below- sorry I don't know how to rotate it. From his sisters he got Hot Wheel cars and from his cousins he got more Hot Wheel cars- he was thrilled!

Uncle T. J., Kobe, Chloe, Aunt Sherri, Lauren, Morgan, Carson, Me, Cambryn and Ryan is behind the camera.


Grandma Karla said...

I loved reading about your Birthday and seeing your Hotwheels video!!

Carson said...

I really loved my birthday. Especially when we went to Peter Piper pizza & my presents.