Monday, January 7, 2008

"I Think I Liked Everything" A Christmas Quote

We had a wonderful Christmas day. Carson enjoyed playing with Santa's gift for no less than 4 hours. We had our traditional Christmas breakfast casserole, and later put out all of our special Christmas munchies. We get to keep eating even if we are not hungry- a highlight for Carson! We just relaxed and enjoyed eachother and our new things. The quote of the day for me had to be when Carson said, "I think I liked everything!" Christmastime is so special for me- I love the sights and sounds and especially all of the songs about the Savior. We hope your christmas was as special and enjoyable as ours!

A highlight for me this year was purchasing matching stockings! I just love them!

Santa's letter with reply and what he didn't finish of his cookies and milk.

That looks like fun.

The kids waiting to see what Santa brought them.

Bitty got a piggy bank and a push along fire truck toy- from Santa.

Carson got a Nintendo Gamecube with Mario Cart Double Dash- from Santa.

Morgan got Groovy Girls minis and a Cars dvd that doesn't scratch- from santa.

Carson with some of his treasures.

Bitty with her piggy bank.

Morgan with some of her treasures.


Julie said...

Hey Darice! So glad to see your blog! I left a message at your house! I love staying connected through blogs! It will be so fun! Cute cute family and fun Christmas Pics! I can't wait until I have some time to look through past posts! Ü

Shelly said...

I think Carson and Hunter would be best buds if we lived close. Hot Wheels, video games, it's all he can think about these days. Looks like you had a great Christmas!

Brian said...

What fun pics guys! We really like the new headline picture.

Grandma Karla said...

I love your Stockings!! They say Darice!! Love you all!!