Sunday, February 17, 2008

For the Love of Food

If you cannot read the message on the Valentine it says, "Carson, You are so special. I love you more than Pizza and chocolate cake. Dad." Anyone who knows Carson, knows that he LOVES food. So when he read his Valentine from Ryan he totally started laughing. So on Friday night, the day after Valentine's Day, we were having pizza for dinner. Carson had only had one piece when Ryan and I took the two last pieces. Carson didn't know that they were the last pieces and he asked for another. Ryan and I started to give him the story that there wasn't any pizza left, when Ryan then stopped and said to Carson, "well Carson I did say that I love you more than Pizza!" So Ryan gave Carson his slice of pizza, but the story does not end there, Carson then very cutely said, I'll split it with you Dad." How sweet is he! Ryan and Carson have a wonderful, loving relationship, it is such a joy to see how much Carson loves being with Ryan. I love these two more than Cheez-its and Reeses Pieces!


Brooke Briggs said...

I love this story Darice. Who knew my brother was such a softy! :) hehehe j/k

Carson said...

I love to eat food especially chocolate and sugar.