Friday, February 15, 2008

Happy Nice Valentine's Day!

Valentine's Day was very fun at the Bosley house. Ryan and I made a special valentine breakfast, We made heart-shaped french toast by cutting the bread with a cookie cutter before we dipped it in the egg batter- it was very easy. I feel an almost every holiday tradition coming on, I mean there are only a few holidays that you cannot find a cookie cutter for! As the hearts were so small we made two for each person and then had regular square shaped bread to fill up. Ryan left for work and I finished getting Carson ready for school. The kids were all loaded in the car and I went back in to get my keys- and almost had a heart attack- because there was a man in my hallway! Thank goodness it was my husband! He had flowers for me (and the girls). He had made arrangements with his boss to come in late at 8:30 instead of getting off at 4:30, just so he could surprise me with flowers. He is so thoughtful! I had two Valentine parties, with both of my preschool classes, during the day, which wore me out a little bit. When Ryan got home we all hid our Valentine's cards, to eachother, around the house, and then went searching for them. After that we got to enjoy a nice Sweetheart Dinner, put on by the Relief Society Enrichment committee, they even had babysitting provided! It was really nice and we had one of the couples from our ward talk to us about 5 habits/practices of happy couples/families. It was a really great day and in Morgan's words, "Happy nice Valentine's Day!"

Carson and Morgan, waiting patiently, while mom takes a picture of the Valentine breakfast spread.

The surprise flowers.


maren bosley said...

What a thoughtful husband! It must be in the genes :)

Sara said...

Looks like a fun day! Just for the record I actually found your blog via Stacey Bishop, via maren bosley then to you by accident so I have been enjoying your family news for a while! So congrats on the baby!!! When are you due? And you do a preschool? So do I. Tell me about yours, what days, how long, what ages?
you can call if you have time 9094669714. Your kids are darling by the way.

Grandma Karla said...

So FUN!! I love seeing you so happy!! Starting family traditions is something your children will cherish through the years!! When posting this, it was wondeful to read about Sara!!

rita bosley said...

Good Job with the flowers, Ryan. And the heart french toast looked great. Let's have 4-leaf clovers while you are here.