Sunday, April 6, 2008

Spring Break / Family Vacation - Part One

FRIDAY - We got in at about 11:30p.m. so we just chatted with my parents for a few minutes and went to bed.

SATURDAY - In the morning I went with my sister Brook on an errand. When we got back, Ryan and I headed over to the hospital to visit my Grandma Anderson. My sisters Brook, Tiffany and Vanessa took our kids to the park. When we arrived at the hospital, my brother T.J. was still there so we gave him a hug and spoke to him a bit and wished him a safe journey back to Arizona. It was difficult to see Grandma in the hospital, she looked so small and weak in the hospital bed. We stayed a little while and spoke to Grandma, she did not respond vocally but we feel that she knew that we were there.
We picked up our kids and then headed down to Grandma and Grandpa Bosley's to go to the Tide pools with them. It was so windy when we got there and pretty cold as well. We had a wonderful time. Carson loved seeing all of the different sea creatures. We went back to the Bosley's and played a card game called Kings in the Corner, very fun and we had dinner together.
Ryan, the girls and I then went back to my parents house, Carson spent the night with Grandma and Grandpa Bosley and he got to go in the jacuzzi and go with them to a birthday party. He had a great time!
When we got back to my parents house, we put the girls down for bed, and the adults and Lauren played Cranium together. It was Ryan and I, Vanessa and Brian, Tim and Tiff and my mom and Lauren, my dad joined in when he got home. We had a really great time and laughed a lot.

A beautiful shot of the Tide pools and the ocean beyond.

Carson enjoying the sea life.

Carson and Grandma Bosley.

Carson and Ryan.

Really cute pictures of our sweet little Bitty Girl!

Me and Morgan.

Morgan and Grandpa Bosley.

SUNDAY - We went to church with Ryan's parents, it is always fun for Ryan to see his old friends and church leaders. After church we gave Cambryn a much needed nap, oh and I got to take one too. That was a real treat. Brooke and Jake came over for dinner also and Morgan really enjoyed talking and playing with Uncle Jake. We all played Rummykub together and we gave the girls a bath before we headed back to my parent's house.

Cambryn, these pictures turned out so cute, even though she was not a happy girl at the moment.

A family picture in Grandma and Grandpa Bosley's backyard.

Morgan telling stories to Uncle Jake.

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Carson said...

I had lots & lots of fun in California.