Saturday, April 5, 2008

Spring Break / Family Vacation - Part Two

MONDAY - We do not have any pictures for this day. The day started with my dad calling us and telling us that Grandma had taken a turn for the worse and that we better hurry down to the hospital. So we called Brook and she got to the house as quickly as she could. Ryan stayed with all of the kids (8 of them) back at the house. My mom, Brook, Vanessa and I went down to the hospital, where we met my dad and Griffin. Aunt Janice and my cousin Jenny were there too. They left almost immediately after we got there, Grandma had already passed, to go find my Aunt Debbie, who they could not get a hold of. It was a really sweet experience to be there in the hospital and have a family prayer together. I am so grateful for my knowledge and testimony of the gospel. I know that I will be together with my Grandma someday. I also know that there was much rejoicing in heaven as she reunited with those that had gone on before her. We then left and brought a Blizzard back to my dad who stayed at the hospital until his sister Debbie could be found and come to say goodbye to her mother.
When we got home Ryan and I took our kids to Pat & Oscars for lunch. It was so good!! Since Morgan had not had a nap for two days we just went back home. While the girls were napping my mom, Brook and I took the other kids over to the pool.
For dinner James and Brook got Olive Garden take out for all of us, so yummy! We then had Family Home Evening all together even Tim's mom, Nilas, was there. We of course had a lesson on the Resurrection, with Easter approaching. Grandma's passing that day just made this topic all the more real, especially for the children. Family is our greatest blessing and we feel so blessed to have an eternal family and one that loves each other so much!

TUESDAY - Ryan got to go out to breakfast with his sister Brooke. We then just hung out at the house while my mom went with my sister Brook to run an errand.
When my mom got back we headed out to Downtown Disney to go to the Lego store. Aunt Brooke came with us. I know it is confusing, but Ryan's sister spells her name with an e at the end and my sister does not. Carson got to choose a new Lego set and Morgan got a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse bowl. We enjoyed Wetzels Pretzels for lunch and the girls had a great time dancing to the music that was playing! To see video scroll all the way to the end of this post.
After Downtown Disney we went to Mariner's Park, which is behind the elementary school that Ryan attended, to fly a kite with Grandpa Bosley. Morgan also enjoyed running across the length of the field. To see that slide show scroll down past the videos. Then we played on the park equipment for a while before heading back for dinner at my parents.
That night Ryan went with my dad to pick up my sister Heather, and her 3 kids, from the L.A. airport.

Carson with Darth Vader and R2-D2.

Morgan with her Mickey Ears. I found these at Wal-mart for $3. When you press the yellow buttons on the ears Mickey's voice says, "o-toodles", "are you ready to play Mickey says?" and it also sings the Hot-diggity-dog song! So cute and she absolutely loves them!!

Cambryn playing with Legos.

A beautiful shot of the kite flying!

The spectators, Grandpa Bosley, Aunt Brooke, Me, Morgan and Cambryn.

The kite flyers, Grandpa Bosley, Aunt Brooke, Ryan, Carson and Morgan.

The Bosleys enjoying the kite flying!

The girls on the swings, Cambryn was laughing the whole time!

Bitty on the slide.

Carson on the monkey bars.

WEDNESDAY - We had a pretty full day. In the morning we went to the zoo that is inside of The Irvine Park. It was a fun zoo and had a good variety of animals. After the zoo we played on the park equipment for a little while.
Then we met my mom and Heather at the $1 theater to watch Alvin and the Chipmunks. After the movie I stayed with the girls to give them their nap.
Ryan and Carson went Miniature Golfing. I was sad to miss it, however we had made a list of things we wanted to do while in California, and this was one of the top things for Carson. Those of you who know him know how he is with lists and plans, so you know some things have to give, so no golfing for me, I think I survived.
That night for dinner, like most nights, most of us were together for dinner. My parents neighbor, Missy Warner, had brought over a large tray of Croissant sandwiches, they were so yummy and it was very thoughtful of her.

This is our only picture from the zoo. I think we took a picture of it because Morgan was calling it a unicorn. We also saw camels which she called canimals. Carson's favorite animals were the Red tailed Hawk and the Mountain Lion. Ryan's favorite was the Bald Eagle. Morgan and I had the same favorite, the Mule Deer.

Grandpa and Carson with their marble track that they made together, with help from Uncle Griffin. The project took a few nights, Wednesday was the first night that they worked on it.

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I had lots & lots of fun in California