Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A Quick Stop At My Parents

Anytime I get to spend with my parents is always wonderful! I am quite attached and it is difficult to be away from them. I have become the woman I am today because of their love and guidance.

From my mom I have learned dedication and hard work- she raised 7 children and did full time daycare so that we could have a comfortable house to grow up in. My mom is also an example of faithful serving- over the years I watched her serve as Primary, Relief Society and Young Women's President, compassionate service leader, den leader, ward activities director and many more! I remember going to all of the ward activities and especially enjoy thinking about the water fight my mom would have EVERY year at our ward's annual picnic. Some of my favorite memories are going Christmas shopping with my mom, she didn't mind taking me because I would just keep her company and not talk her ear off! So pretty much from the time I was 12 I knew what one of my presents was, she always told me- be surprised O.K.! When I was in Elementary school she also let me stay up late and watch T.V. with her, we used to eat guacamole and those shortbread cookies that come in a blue tin, Yum-Yum! I could not love my mom more than I do she is thoughtful, generous, faithful and spiritual. MOM I LOVE YOU!!!

I have always been a daddy's girl and my favorite thing to do when I go to California is just talk to my dad. My dad has 5 daughters (he also has 2 sons) and he is wonderful about making us feel smart, beautiful and important! He gives the best hugs and he cries when he watches sad movies- that is the best to watch "Somewhere in Time" with your dad and he is crying too- AWESOME! I love my dad and his example of righteous, priesthood leadership. DAD I LOVE YOU! I cannot wait to see you both- in a couple of days!

Morgan got to open a few presents in honor of her birthday which is at the beginning of July. Here are some pictures, we also got to meet Baby Jaina, my sister Tiffany's baby- born 19 days after Bristyn.

Morgan blowing out her candles !
Morgan with her Princess Blanket that Grandma Karla made her for her birthday!

Baby Bristyn and Baby Jaina- born 19 days apart! They are sure to be good friends!


Barnes Family said...

Oh cute! It's so fun to have cousins that are close in age. Madi has a bunch her age but Kimber is the only one her age. I guess I didn't plan it out with my brother's and sisters.. shoot! Just kidding!

That's so cute that your Dad cries while watching "Somewhere in Time". My Dad watches "Return to Me" over and over. Bunch of softies!

Rangi said...

The baby is cute and it looks like you are all doing well. Where is Tiffany now I don't see her much anymore? Sara

Tiffany said...

I sure do hope that they are good friends. It is fun to have babies so close in age to each other. Sorry we will miss you this weekend. Love you sis.

Shelly said...

What a fun trip, but the next time you come into town, you better stop to say hi!