Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I turned 30... Does that make me OLD?

My birthday was on the 7th, it did not turn out to be a particularly special day, what with the second day of school, children who know how to push each others buttons, diapers to change, dishes to do- well you get the idea!!! Highlights of the day- my younger brother who just moved to AZ brought me some roses, from him and my parents, and stayed and played with the kids for awhile. My friends Jo Anna and Kaci brought me little birthday treats- Jo Anna brought me chocolates. Kaci brought me a candle and she had really fun birthday balloons tied to the bag! Ryan picked up Chipotle on his way home- YUM! The kids (even Carson) were in bed by 7:00p.m. and then Ryan went and got me a Vanilla Soft Serve Ice Cream (my favorite)! Then I watched the finale of "So You Think You Can Dance?" at the same time reading "Breaking Dawn" did you know that commercial breaks have seriously reached 5 minutes long!!!

So in honor of my birthday I thought I would post
30 things to know about me!

(thanks for the cute idea Megan!)
1.I'm 30!
2.Married 9 years.
3.Lived in 2 states(CA & AZ).
4.Have 4 children.
5.Have never broken a bone(unless you count toes!).
6.I am the middle child of 7.
7.LOVE being a mom.
8.Delivered all of my babies C-section.
9.Hardly ever pay full price for ANYTHING!
10.My middle name is Olivia(I was named after Olivia Newton-John- my dad had a thing for her!).
11.The color orange makes me happy.
12.Sunday is my favorite day of the week.
13.In junior high I could recite every word to "The Princess Bride"and I still come pretty close.
14.My dad sometimes calls me "Pieces" which works, if I had to pick a favorite candy it would definitely be Reese's Pieces.
15.2 of my children were born in CA.
16.2 of my children were born in AZ.
17.I was on the swim team in high school.
18.I have been to Disney Land wearing pajamas and a necktie.
19.Love retro clothing- maybe I should have been my mom's sister instead of her daughter!
20.Could sing all day everyday- I love it!
21.I love to cook with my husband, my children and for other people.
22.I am not crazy about chocolate.
23.The number 3 has helped me win a lot of those "pick a number between 1 & 10" games.
24.I was born to live in AZ-I am a big fan of the "warm" AZ summer nights.
25.I have been to one concert- "The Dixie Chicks"-I went with my dad and 3 of my sisters- cool!
26.I'm a pretty good birthday party planner (in my own opinion of course).
Now to finish my list, a few+1 food favorites:
27.Dairy- yogurt, milk & CHEESE.
28.Bagels w/cream cheese-it's really more of an obsession.
29.Eggs(just about any way you can cook them).
30.Pizza- I could eat it everyday for the rest of my life and after if it's an option!

So there you have it 30 things to know about me. It was really fun to do! Hope you all enjoy it.


Barnes Family said...

Holy Cow! I didn't know you were younger than me.. I feel old.. Just kidding! You totally aren't old you silly. Happy Birthday!

Bridgette J said...

What fun things to know!
I was surprised how young you are too. But only because you have the confidence, children & patience of those ahead of your years.
You complimented my hospital photo? Look at yours, you look great! When I had Ty the only time I got worked up during labor was when Jeff put a wet towel on my freshly straightened hair. :)

Hey Lucy, I'm Home... said...

I totally enjoyed your list of 30 things! We share quite a few things in common. :) And I'm so glad you like it here in AZ. As a native, I sometimes feel bad when newcomers go on and on about how much they dislike it here. You are a total breath of fresh air and source of optimism & inspiration. :) Much love & happy birthday wishes to you!

The Greathouse Family said...

Happy (late) Birthday!! Aside from the daily childcare chores, it sounds like a good birthday! Ryan gets a gold star!

Kelly and Megan said...

What fun things to know about you! It is kind of fun to list things out about your life. Next you have to do a list for your husband. That part gets a little trickier!

The Wright's said...

Welcome to the 30-club. All the cool kids are 30! : )

What kind of person does not like chocolate is what I would like to know? Totally kidding

Tami said...

Happy Birthday! What a great idea to list 30 things about you! I feel like I know a little bit better.

Buckeye Bosleys said...

It's true- just 30!

Bridgette of course I complimented your hospital pictures! Have you looked at them? WOW!

I do love AZ! Thanks Lucy:)!

As for a list about Ryan- I'll do one for his birthday in Sept. Give myself a little bit of time to think about it!

I'm glad to be a cool kid! Thanks Tif! As for the not liking chocolate thing you can place the blame on my dad! Does that let me off the hook?

maren bosley said...

Happy Birthday Darice!
We feel horrible that we're late with our well wishes. We love you!
maren, andrew, will, hyde, ivy, and nate

Sara said...

Happy Birthday Darice!!! I also liked your list of 30 things, maybe next year I'll do 31 since I missed this year, I seriously can't even remember what I did on my birthday, does that make me really old?!!! Love Sara

Shelly said...

You don't look a day over 25 still! Congratulations on your new little one. We're excited for you guys!