Friday, September 19, 2008

My Old Man

My sweet Ryan's birthday was two weeks ago today- I wanted to honor his birthday on our blog... so here is:
33 things to know about my old man:
1.He's 33.
2.His middle name is Willard after his grandfather.
3.He whistles without knowing it- just like his grandfather and namesake.
4.He served his mission in Colorado.
5.He has two brothers and one sister.
6.He is an amazing dad.
7.He loves food.
8.He does not like to sleep in.
9.He likes to have something to do- does not enjoy sitting around too much.
10.Bakes the best cookies- way better than mine!
11.Including his mission he has lived in 3 states- CA, CO, AZ.
12.He has a teaching credential.
13.He is wonderful at telling stories.
14.He gives the most thoughtful gifts.
15.He has never been on a cruise.
16.He is a budding gardener- the green we have in our backyard and front is because of him- not me!
17.He is wonderful at spending one-on-one time with our children.
18.He is a hard worker.
19.Has been loved at every job he has had- except one- but we do not count that one because the boss was really stinky!!
20.He is very organized.
21.He likes to learn new things.
22.He is devastatingly handsome!
23.He played the trumpet in highschool.
24.He enjoys being outdoors.
25.His current favorite outdoor activities- Mountain biking, tennis, paint-balling.
26.He is a great teacher- of kids and adults.
27.He sweeps and mops!
28.He is man enough to take his sandwich to work in Princess and Dora tupperware.
29.Loves his kids.
30.He has a huge heart and is always ready to serve!
31.He also cooks very well and loves to try new recipes!
32.Looks strangely hot dressed in goth- black eye liner, polish etc.
33.Belongs to me and I will never let him go!!


Jake & Brooke said...

You forgot one Darice. When we were younger he used to dress up in my skirt and prance around the house. He has surprisingly nice legs. :)

I love this post. Miss you guys!

The Wright's said...

Okay, so funny! The dora lunch box thing is hilarious. Plus the dressed in goth thing cracked me up. I totally am imagining him in eyeliner now.

Game on, I love tennis. I knew I liked Ryan for a reason. He has a good name and likes tennis, nothing better!!!

Watson Family said...

I love lists like this. :) Your Ryan's 33 years, and 33 things, are awesome! You're a great couple and family. Much love!

Darice said...

Brooke I didn't know he used to do that! I can totally picture it though- anything to get a laugh- or impress a girl!

You'll have to ask Kristen about when Ryan tried on her dresses while they were studying once!

Sometimes i just have to shake my head- you grew up with him so you know what I mean! Wouldn't trade him for the world- seriously:)

Jake & Brooke said...

Me neither! He's awesome!

I'll definately have to talk to Kristen now!

The Greathouse Family said...

Okay, I'm starting to get a little weirded-out by the "wearing dresses" thing, but you're right, he is a good guy and I know you'll be together forever!

Kelly and Megan said...

Happy (late) birthday to Ryan! He is a great dad and hubby! It was fun to learn more about him. Your family is all so cute!

Rangi said...

Darice, give me a call we'd love to have you spend a night with us, just let us know when. Love Sara