Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I have been tagged...

My friend Megan tagged me so here goes: I am supposed to list 6 quirks about myself.

Here they are-
1.Crust- the crust on a sandwich is not my favorite- so I always eat around my sandwich first. This gets rid of the yucky crust so I can enjoy the best part of the sandwich- the middle with all of the yummy stuff in it!!
2.Belt Loops- it drives me nutty when people miss a belt loop. I even pointed it out to one of my high school teachers one time.
3.Driving- if I know that I need to make a right hand turn down the road then 9 times out of 10 I will travel the right hand lane for the entire trip.
4.Interrupting- my quirk with interrupting right know is that it sometimes keeps me from joining a conversation. I worry so much about interrupting that I sometimes will just keep quiet- so that I don't interrupt! Weird I know- but we are talking about quirks, right?
5.Socks- I always have to check the bottom of my socks- so that I wear them on the right feet. I know, I know socks don't have right feet. Well mine do:)
6.Silverware- when I am loading the dishwasher the spoons and knives don't have to be matched up- but when I have a pile of silverware I will count out six pieces. There are six slots in the silverware tray so by counting out six pieces of silverware and putting one in each slot the silverware tray gets loaded evenly!

I now tag: my sister Tiffany(maybe she will really start a blog), my cousins Jamie and Beth, and my sister-in-laws Brooke and Maren.


Ken & Beth Howard said...

Hey, crust is one of my quirks too! I do the exact same thing. Haha! But about the sock exactly can you tell when your socks are on the right feet?

Darice said...

If you walk around with socks but no shoes- then your socks get toe stains! You just look for the big toe stain and there you have it- right feet for your socks:)

In The Beginning said...

Too funny. I love finding out other people's quirky side... makes me see myself as normal sometimes! haha

Coombs said...

I love your cute photos. Especially the one of Ryan. He is adorable! :-)