Friday, October 10, 2008

Four Months - Four Shots!!!!

On Wednesday Bristyn had her four month check up! She was such a brave girl through ALL of her shots. The trip to the doctor was pretty eventful for me- Bristyn was WAY tired when we got there. She was crying really loudly in the waiting room! I stood and rocked her and finally got her sleeping- HOORAY!! So then I thought the crying was done! Well I was mistaken- when we went back to weigh Bristyn, Cambryn started screaming bloody murder- she thought it was her turn to get checked out. The poor girl was terrified- so sad! So I got her calmed down and she was playing with her cars in the exam room. Then the DOCTOR came in. Oh, my word you would have thought someone was pinching her she was screaming so loud. Apparently the doctor is scarier than the nurse!! Too funny!! Wish me luck for two weeks from now when it IS Cambryn's turn

Any way back to Bristyn- she did beautifully through all of her shots! As for her stats she sits right at 50th percentile for height/length, weight and her head circumference (wow that's a big word for a blog).
Length: 24in.
Weight: 13lbs.5oz.
Head: 16in.

Bristyn really was a champ the entire day and considering her shots did not complain much! After her appointment, I dragged her to a store, to the park, to pick up Carson, she kind of got to rest at home for a while, and then it was over to tennis for Carson. She slept so much on Thursday- trying to catch up I think. Poor fourth baby- she gets woken up all the time from her naps either to go get Carson or to take him to school or to go here or there!

Bristyn is such a sweet baby and is very good for her mommy! She smiles and laughs all the time and just has an overall content temperament. On a side note she has Blue eyes- I haven't gotten used to that yet- I love them it is just such a change from the other two girls who both have my dark brown eyes! Our blue-eyed Bristyn we love you and are so grateful to our Father in Heaven for sending you to our family! Keep getting bigger, keep laughing and keep smiling! Love- Mommy


Wahls said...

oh! she is so precious and getting so BIG!!
-These little ones are pretty darn tough if you ask me.

The Karafa Family said...

I really can't believe it has been 4 months! Crazy! I will be feeling your pain next Monday, both the boys have shots! Eek!

The Greathouse Family said...

So Cute!! I can't wait to see you all again! When would that be?

Darice said...

We are driving out tomorrow! I will call you and make sure we see you.

Kelly and Megan said...

She is such a cutie pie. I hate shots too. I always feel so sad for them.

I like your pictures on the side. Very cute! I love the one of Morgan. Her hair is darling! I can't wait until I can do something with Kate's hair.

Watson Family said...

Wednesday was shot day for us too! :) So glad Bristyn did so well. Much love!

Kimberly Davis said...

Has it really been four months...she is darling!

Rebekah Rose said...

SHE IS SO ADORABLE! It was so nice to see you friday. Love ya