Friday, December 5, 2008

California Thanksgiving- Part 1

Well, we made another trip to California for Thanksgiving! Ryan had the whole week off, so after preschool on Tuesday we signed Carson out of school early and made our way! My younger brother Griffin lives here in AZ now and he joined us for the trip down! It was so fun to have him along for the ride. Since he is way taller than me, and his legs go on forever, I let him sit in the front. I sat in the second bench next to Bristyn. Carson, Morgan and Cambryn were all in the back bench- maybe a little TOO close to each other- but we survived! These pictures are from the car trip- it took Bristyn sooo long to fall asleep.

Bristyn- I could watch my babies sleep forever- nothing is sweeter!!

Cambryn being silly or was it the flash being too bright!?

More silliness- she is definitely our comedian right now!

Carson and Morgan- they LOVE to laugh together!

This slide show is from Wednesday morning we went to the Newport Beach Pier- it was a beautiful morning. We went with Grandma Bosley, Uncle Jon and his kids:Brent, Jessica, Josh, Katie and Matthew. Aunt Rebecca went for a run back at home while we were away! The best moment of the morning had to be when Cambryn totally put her hand right in fresh seagull poop- GROSS!! It was definitely disgusting!

This was lunch time- Ryan was able to go out with one of his friends that he grew up with! And Morgan worked her magic with Grandma Bosley and got to have marshmallows in her peanut butter and honey sandwich! Katie, Morgan and Cambryn had a great time helping make lunch!

This picture is all about blogs bringing people together! This is Natalie- her mom and I grew up together in the same ward and on the same street! Anyway I found her blog and would check it when they posted a video of Natalie's dance recital Morgan would watch it over and over and over again and again! Morgan and Natalie had never met, but Morgan would ask to watch "my Natalie's dance"! When I took the kids to California in October, Morgan and Natalie finally met each other, at Disneyland of all places!! Morgan was thrilled! I told Rachel (Natalie's mom) that we were going to be down for Thanksgiving and if she was going to be at her mom's house that we should get the girls together! So she left a comment on my blog telling me when she would be at her mom's house and we got the girls together. They had such a good time and it was fun to visit with Rachel.

Wednesday night was super fun for me- my sister Tiffany has made contact with a lot of our friends from high school (we were only one year apart in school) and she set up to go out to dinner on Wednesday night. It was WAY fun to see my old friends- we knew these friend really well! Between swim meets, tennis matches (only who were Tiffany and I kidding?- we were on the reserve team) we were just there to get out of regular P.E., working at the movie theater, bringing our school friends to Stake dances and just hanging out- we spent a lot of time with these girls! After dinner Tiffany and I went SHOPPING- it was so fun to go shopping with a real live adult- thanks Tiff!! Who knew shopping for socks could be so much fun- You make everything more fun- I LOVE YOU!

Baby Jaina, Tiffany and Me

Simone and I were together A LOT-tennis, swimming, working at the movie theater and walking home from school. She was so much fun and I will always remember the time we shared together! Now for Sarah- I met her in the bathroom about the first week of high school. Her name is Sarah Both and I had another friend named Sarah Biery- so I went into the bathroom calling for Sarah and they both call back "which one?"- I answered "Sarah B."- well the rest is history- we all laughed about how they were both Sarah B. and that is all it took- an instant friendship was formed. Sarah did cheer leading so she wasn't on swim team or tennis with us- but she sure came to a lot of dances with me- there is one New Years Eve dance that we both will never forget- it was so much fun!! Simone and Sarah now live across the street from each other!

Josh(Sarah's son), Simone, Me and Sarah.

Sarah Hart and I met on the swim team and bonded quickly- we both loved vintage clothing and all things retro! Sarah was a wonderful friend and had a kind, caring boyfriend- who she is now married to!

Me and Sarah Hart ( I don't recall her married name- sorry Sarah).

I admit that I don't know Jenny Miller as well as the other girls. All of them were crazy enough to do girls water polo and I wasn't about to jump on that band wagon! Jenny was a good friend to my sister and it was wonderful to see her. She has a 3 month old son and shared her wish that it was the 1950's again not only so she could stay home with her son but so that all of her friends could to- I couldn't agree more!

Me and Jenny Miller

Tiffany, baby Jaina, Me, Sarah Hart, Jenny, baby Jackson, Pom(Jenny's husband), Samantha, Simone, Josh, Sarah Both and Tim(Sarah's brother).


The Greathouse Family said...

Sounds like a wonderful trip! I'm sorry we missed it, but we were having our own little family get-away. You are so lucky to have such awesome sisters!

Cambryn cracked me up with her huge cheesy grin!

Watson Family said...

What wonderful and beautiful friends! Love your festive blog background. Great post!

Rachel said...

It was fun to see you. Natalie had fun playing with Morgan. We're glad you could come visit!

maren bosley said...

Looks like you guys had an awesome time. We miss you all!!!

Shantil said...

Isn't it fun to see old friends and catch up? I really wanted to make it to my 10 year high school reunion in Cali, but it just didn't happen. Oh well!

Wahls said...

it's so nice to be within traveling distance for family! looks like some great holiday memories.... have a Merry Christmas!
-you look great by the way!

The Crazy Wyatt Fam said...

Hey Darice! Cute blog! Looks like you had a great trip to Cali. How fun!!

Shelly said...

We really had a lot of fun seeing your family. I'm glad you guys had such a fun trip.

Jennie Stephens said...

How funny, we were at the pier the same day! We even saw the same seal off the pier!! Lily also put her had in something that made me want to heave my lunch over the pier...... FISH GUTS!! I bet we crossed paths that day at the beach and didnt even realize it! shoot!