Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Please Forgive Me!

I am asking for all of your forgiveness in advance! Over the next little while, I will be attempting to update the blog. You see I kind of see my blog as a scrapbook and so while I did not blog about some events "in the moment" so to speak- they are nevertheless important and so I am going to post about our goings on for the past (gasp) 3 months or so. There might even be a post somewhere in there from last August- a Baby Blessing is a BIG deal- and so I am just going to post about it. What I figure is if I am not scrapbooking and I do not have a "real" journal (I am trying on this one) then this is it and if I don't record our happenings here- then they won't get recorded. So in scrapbooking I was always working a little behind- so it is with my blog- I am not an in-the-moment blogger. So rather than say "that happened too long ago I'm not going to blog about it." I am giving myself permission to work behind a little bit. Or in this case I will be working behind a lot! So I will label "behind" posts as FLASHBACK.


The Wright's said...

I do this all the time. Do you know that you can change the date so that the post falls in the correct chronological order? I do that so I can print it off and have it bound and it is already in the right places. It is a neato thing!

Watson Family said...

You are great and have nothing to apologize for! :) I've back dated many many posts. Most of our 2006 posts, from April through November that year, weren't written until the summer of 2008. I lack the talent to scrapbook, patience to organize our photos into an album even, and have been terrible at journaling in the past so our blog covers those purposes as well and is why we try to get a copy printed up each year (I am two years behind on that!). Living life is far more important than blogging in the moment, and that's why you have nothing to ask forgiveness for, truly. :) Much love to you and yours dear friend!

Mahers said...

You go sister! I'm excited that your blogging again, it's so much fun to read your posts. I think it's awesome that you use it as a journal of sorts. I do too, I'm super excited that I hear you can pay at the end of the year to have it printed and bound like a journal with pics and all, you can't beat it.