Wednesday, February 25, 2009

FLASHBACK- California Thanksgiving- Part 2

Thanksgiving Day - Thursday!
We spent the day at my parent's house. Thanksgiving is always a great time to spend with family! My favorites were all the women in the kitchen chatting while they finished the preparations, the food (of course), all the conversation about the things we are thankful for, the games, the pies and last but definitely not least staying home with my sister Brook, and all of the kids, while everyone else went to the movie! We were at my parent's house for a good 12 hours and we had a blast! At some time during the day Ryan drove with my dad and Vanessa's husband Brian, to pick up Vanessa in L.A. She is a flight attendant and so can make it out to my parent's house quite easily!

Friday- We had another wonderful feast with The Bosley Clan. Again I loved chatting with the women while we cooked. We of course made orange rolls- a tradition, and Brooke made some green beans that were SO good! Have I mentioned that she cooks really well- these green beans were no exception. The kids loved building with LEGOS, a favorite at Grandma and Grandpa Bosley's. The adults even got in some game playing time. I love Thanksgiving it is always so relaxing! That night we all went on a walk with Grandpa Bosley- this picture is all of the kids with their glow bracelets/necklaces. Many of you now know that Grandpa Bosley has passed away and so we were so thankful to have had such a nice long/not rushed trip to visit him over this Thanksgiving Holiday- it was so hard to see him so weak and just not feeling well! We know that he has found rest in Heaven, and are confident he is being a great hometeacher in Heaven just as he was on Earth.

Saturday- Grandma Bosley watched the kids for us while we went to Las Brisas. They have a fabulous Buffet Breakfast- not your run-of-the-mill buffets either, we are talking custom omelets, fresh fruit, really good cottage cheese(anyone hear me on that one?) and everything else that is yummy for breakfast! It was so nice, thanks Mom Bosley for watching the kids.

We then went to get Ryan some running shoes and picked up McDonalds for lunch. I might be one of the few mom's who actually enjoys this fine establishment as a lunch choice! As a side note the shoe store that we went to was right next to my OBGYN's office that I went to when I was pregnant with Carson and Morgan. They had fun seeing that!

After lunch we met some of our friends at a park, I hadn't seen them in about 5 years so it was really nice to catch up with them. They had recently moved back to California after losing a job in Utah! Our kids played really well and had a great time Shelly and I and Ryan and Jared just talked away!

That night we slept at my parent's house, I'm sure there was more game playing- but I honestly can't remember!

Sunday- We went to church, packed up the car, ate dinner and then we were on our way back to Arizona. As we were driving on the I-10, I thought I recognized one of my friends cars. I asked Ryan to catch up so I could check. Sure enough it was. It was Rebekah and Derek some of our friends from Queen Creek, so I called Rebekah's phone and she said, "Pull off at the next exit and have Ryan come in here with Derek and I will come in with you!" So we did, and it was so fun! I have known Rebekah since we were 15 or 16 and boy can we talk! She also teaches preschool so we love to share ideas about that as well! It was a wonderful trip!

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Jake & Brooke said...

YAY, an update! (like I should talk) I love the Thanksgiving picture at Mom and Dad's house. It's obviously informal but probably one of the last pictures of Dad. (sigh...)

Can't wait to read more! Love you!!!