Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Meeting Baby K.

Baby K was born March 22, 2009! Her mommy and daddy have recently gone private with their blog so I do not feel that I should share all of the details of her birth, name, etc. here on my blog. She is our newest niece and we think she is beautiful! These parents will celebrate their six year anniversary in June! This is their first baby and I have been DYING to see this girl pregnant and become a mother!

Mother and Daughter!

B ended up having a c-section and is recovering remarkably well! She is a wonderful mother and loves her little baby so much!

The new little family!

J is a super star dad, helping with the feeding, changing and taking care of his wife too!

Me and baby K!

I LOVE newborns! It is hands down/no contest my favorite stage!! These new little spirits fresh from Heavenly Father just radiate: peace, joy, love, goodness and purity! They are a true gift from God! It was wonderful to hold baby K and get some very sweet newborn love! We love you baby K, and are so excited to see you again in June (we can hardly contain ourselves)!

Ryan and baby K!


The Karafa Family said...

Ooh! A newborn, I am jealous! Don't they just smell divine?

Darice said...

Yes, absolutely! It is the BEST smell!

Jake & Brooke said...

Awww, thanks for posting these pictures! It was fun to see all of you. That was so nice that you guys drove down so quickly too. See you all in June! Love you!

Watson Family said...

Oh, what a wonderful happy blessing! And after such a long wait, this is sure to be the happiest of Mother's Days!!!

Shelly said...

Too sweet. Tell them congrats from us.