Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Bristyn is ONE!!!

**Updated 06/04/09**
One of my children hit the publish post button while I was in the middle of working on this post! It has taken me a couple of days to get back to it- obviously!!

Little Bristyn or Bristyn Baby(these are the names we use most for her) is an absolute joy, she smiles all the time, loves to laugh and "sing" with her sisters, gets so excited when she sees her daddy and will cuddle into our necks and give us a squeeze when we pick her up. It is the BEST!

Her birthday was last Saturday- May 30th. She trasitioned to real milk a couple of days before her birthday and has done really well!! She is not walking yet- just fine by me! Bristyn gave up the "army scoot" about one month ago. She will pull herself up, but only on her knees- the few times she has managed to get onto her feet she has been very nervous. She jabbers or "talks" all the time. Our sweet little girl was funny about her food- we kept trying to offer it to her- she just wasn't interested- a few bites is all she would take. Something clicked at about 11 months old and she LOVES food now. No teeth yet- SO strange. We love her blue eyes and think she is pretty perfect!

Bristyn mommy loves you, you have been such a blessing to her, on days when it seemed there was not much to smile about, you would brighten my day and bring joy to my heart! It was so fun to watch you with your cupcake- you weren't to sure if you liked the taste, or the texture, you sure did have fun making a mess though!

Bristyn Baby, Bristyn Baby, Bristyn Baby we love you!
Bristyn Baby, Bristyn Baby, Bristyn Baby we love you!

P.S. a "shout out" to Baby Nate- Bristyn's twin cousin in North Carolina- Happy Birthday- We Love You!


Watson Family said...

Turning One never looked so sweet! :)

Jake & Brooke said...

I can't wait for Kate and Bristyn to get a little older. I know they'll be close cousins! Happy Birthday

Anonymous said...

Such GREAT kids! What a happy family! Can't wait to see you all real soon!
Love you,
Grandma B

Kelly and Megan said...

What a sweetie! Can't believe it has been a year! Whoa, that year was fast. Happy first birthday to Bristyn!