Monday, June 1, 2009

Cambryn is THREE!!

How cute is this girl?!!!

Cambryn's birthday was last Tuesday, Ryan was home Wednesday so we planned her birthday party for that day. The picture above was taken Tuesday night. Cambryn is so much fun- she makes us laugh everyday! It is hard to believe that our little itty-bitty is three. She is sooo tiny! I buy her 2T clothes!!! Each year when her birthday comes around- it is a HUGE reminder of how small she is. I remember being totally unprepared for her 1st birthday, because it felt like I was still carrying around a 6-month old baby.

Birthday party silliness!

Making monkey masks.

Don't be fooled though Cambryn packs quite a lot of energy into her tiny little body, she is definitely our busiest toddler and can get into a LOT of mischief in not a LOT of time. She loves baby dolls and names all of them Bristyn. Pushing her stroller around continues to be one of her favorite things to do! This girl brings so much joy and laughter into our family- we just love her.

Cambryn was so excited for her birthday and at one point during the day she told me, "I the birthday girl mommy and you're the birthday mom!" Too cute!

9 little monkeys standing in a line.

I love her face in this one!

For Cambryn's party we had the kids make monkey masks- which they loved doing, we sang the classic "Monkeys swinging in a tree" of course adapted to 9 monkeys. We had pizza, at Cambryn's request, and cheese crackers. We then moved outside for cupcakes and presents- some of the kids were right there watching all of the present opening while others opted for the sand box and slide instead. Cambryn had a great time and really loves all of her friends! I of course could not have done the party without the help of Ryan. I love you Babe and am sooo grateful for everything you do for me and the kids!! It was also fun to have Lacey stay for the party too- her extra set of hands came in really handy!

Monkey cupcakes for our little "silly monkey".

This was the night of her birthday! Notice how she is mouthing the words with us- my favorite!


Watson Family said...

Such fun for Cambryn's 3rd birthday! :) Maddie has been carrying her monkey mask around non-stop!

The Greathouse Family said...

Oh my gosh time flies!! Happy Birthday Cambryn!!

It looks like a super-fun party! So cute with all of the monkey stuff. Fun memories!!

Bridgette said...

Happy birthday Cambryn! She is such a little cutie...of course I think that though with her being Sydney's long lost twin. You are the best at pulling together themed parties Darice. Always so cute!

Jake & Brooke said...

Happy Birthday Bitty! She's always so happy. I love her big smile. Love you all!!

Mahers said...

AJ had so much fun and still has his monkey mask, which he adores and won't let his brothers touch. What a great idea and a great party.